Salt Lake City hosted the Winter Olympics in 2002 © Getty Images

Civic leaders in Park City, Utah are expected to discuss further plans for a 2030 Olympic bid in Utah at a high-level meeting next Tuesday.

Officials are hoping to bring the Winter Games back to the Salt Lake City, where the 2002 edition was held. 

The meeting, scheduled for 2 pm local time on February 15th, brings together executive officials from both Park City and Summit County to consider the project in more detail.

Salt Lake City Utah bid committee President and chief executive Fraser Bullock and committee chairperson Catherine Raney Norman are both expected to make presentations at the meeting.

Utah Olympic Legacy Foundation President Colin Hilton is also expected to speak.

Here in Beijing, United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee (USOPC) officials have reiterated their endorsement of the bid.

"We are already in dialogue with the IOC, not yet for a specific year but as part of their evolving process," USOPC Board President Susanne Lyons said.

"Salt Lake City has all the venues already in place, they have hosted a Winter Games before and they have very high excitement and support from their local population.

"Salt Lake City has made it very clear to our partners at the IOC that they are ready and able to go as soon as needed."

Park City hosted the ski jumping and sliding events during the Salt Lake City 2002 Winter Olympics and is expected to host three events and also stage the celebration zone in the main street if an American bid proves successful.

"We have begun the process to say that we are interested in a Winter Games and depending on what the needs of the overall Olympic movement are that could happen as early as 2030 or it could happen after that," Susanne added.  

In the event of a successful bid, other venues expected to be included are Park City, Mountain Resort and Deer Valley Resort, both inside the Park City limits, and at the Utah Olympic Park, which is located just outside Park City in unincorporated Summit County. 

Main Street would likely be seen as one of the Games’ popular celebration zones.

Meanwhile, many of the sponsors and donors to the US team are gathering in Park City as part of an event organised by the US team in conjunction with LA28.

The get together is designed to compensate for the cancellation of the hospitality programmes in the Olympic city here in Beijing as a result of COVID-19 measures.

"Given that we cannot travel to the Games as we normally would, we wanted to recreate the special atmosphere," USOPC head of partnership management and activation Dave Mingey said.

Sponsors will be joined by athletes’ friends and families for the gathering.

The event is to include representatives of 100 sponsors including Airbnb, Visa, Procter and Gamble and Salesforce.