Six countries are set to host races in the inaugural eSkootr Championship series ©eSC

London has been awarded the first of six races in the inaugural eSkootr Championship (eSC) series, with Britain's capital set to host what is billed as the "first-ever electric scooter race" on May 13 and 14 this year.

Switzerland is scheduled to hold the second event on May 27 and 28, followed by a leg in France on June 17 and 18.

Stops in Italy on July 15 and 16 and Spain on September 16 and 17 are then planned, before the 2022 series concludes in the United States in October.

Host cities in the other five countries are due to be announced in the near future, while more locations have been promised for future seasons.

The eSC's co-founder and chief executive Hrag Sarkissian insisted the announcement represented an important step for electric scooter racing.

"This is a huge moment for eSC, and for sport, motorsport and the future growth of micro-mobility, as we announce the first destinations that will host our brand-new championship," Sarkissian claimed.

"eSC is a fan-first sport and our race locations will provide the perfect backdrop for a spectator and entertainment experience like never before, with each event embracing the urban culture and associated lifestyle.

"At the same time, London, and the other cities we will announce shortly, are all incredibly progressive, with an appreciation for the real world relevance eSC brings as they seek to address the implications of a rapidly changing mobility landscape."

Co-founder and chief operating officer Khalil Beschir added that the six host countries were well-suited for the debut of the sport.

"London and our other locations are committed to eSC's vision for events to be an inner-city festival of racing and entertainment, which makes them the perfect host-city partners," he said.

"They each share our passion for providing a new, fan-first event that inspires a new movement for safer, greener and more liveable cities."

Ten teams each with three riders are due to compete in each event, with the top-four from each heat reaching the quarter-finals.

The top three in each quarter-final will reach the semi-finals, in which the top three will qualify for the final.

Riders can earn points both for the individual championship and for their team through their performances.

Competition is set to be held on a specially designed S1-X electric scooter, capable of reaching 100 kilometres per hour.

Electric scooters have enjoyed a surge in usage in various cities around the world amid a growth in rental services.

They are promoted as an environment-friendly mode of transport in urban areas, although safety concerns have been raised over their usage on roads and pavements.

eSC races will be held on tailored inner-city circuits, with athletes having backgrounds in sports including skiing, surfing, motorcycling, BMX and stunt riding.