Beijing 2022 reported no new COVID-19 cases yesterday ©Getty Images

Beijing 2022 has reported no new positive Covid-19 cases for the first time at the Winter Olympics here.

Organisers said 68,970 PCR tests were taken yesterday in the closed loop.

A total of 5,239 were taken by athletes and team officials, with the remaining 63,731 conducted on other stakeholders.

No confirmed positive cases were recorded, according to Beijing 2022.

A further seven tests were conducted on seven Olympic-related arrivals at the Beijing Capital International Airport yesterday.

None of the arrivals were athletes, with the seven considered other Games stakeholders.

No confirmed positive case had been notified.

It is the first day of the Games-time period, which began on January 23, that no new COVID-19 cases had been reported.

Beijing 2022 has also had two consecutive days without athletes testing positive following the publication of the latest daily statistics.

It is the five day in a row that cases have been fewer than four.

Nearly 1.6 million COVID-19 tests have been conducted during the Games-time period ©Beijing 2022
Nearly 1.6 million COVID-19 tests have been conducted during the Games-time period ©Beijing 2022

Beijing 2022 believe the low number of cases highlights the the effectiveness of its "closed loop management system".

The closed loop separates Games participants from the local population and sees all attendees undergo daily testing.

The rapid spread of the highly transmissible Omicron coronavirus variant across the world had wreaked havoc on teams’ preparations for the Games.

A total of 435 COVID-19 cases have been reported during the Games-time period, with nearly 1.6 million tests having been carried out.

Huang Chun, Beijing 2022 deputy director general at the Office of Pandemic Prevention and Control, added that the number of people leaving the Games has increased as the Winter Olympics approaches its conclusion.

"The number of people leaving has been increasing," Huang said.

"After the Closing Ceremony will be peak time for departures.

"More than 2,000 have left China, but we have almost 14,000 in the closed loop.

"The overall countermeasures have been effective, especially inside the closed loop."