World Triathlon has started a new partnership with ROTOR Bike Components ©Getty Images

World Triathlon has launched a new partnership with ROTOR Bike Components, with the aim of helping to improve cycling performance.

ROTOR Bike Components will supply World Triathlon development with fifteen complete "power metres" for each year of the accord for "specific use such as training camps."

Additionally, the company will also deliver "technical support for development athletes at World Triathlon Championship Series races" aiming to improve both their cycling power and performance.

The power metres can collect the key metrics of "pedal smoothness, torque effectiveness, left/right balance, optimum chainring angle and torque 360" to enhance athletes technique as well as their posture.

"There is no doubt that the ability to record and analyse cycling data with specialists can unlock an athlete’s cycling potential and help them achieve their goals," said Marisol Casado, World Triathlon President and International Olympic Committee member.

"At a time when technological advancements and data are seeing the world’s biggest athletes and most established National Federations push the envelope in terms of what and how they can be measured and improved, the new partnership with ROTOR will allow us to bring similar analysis and the subsequent performance benefits to those hailing from smaller and developing triathlon countries," she added.

José Luis García-Alegre, the chief executive of ROTOR Bike Components, said the company is "proud" to begin this partnership with World Triathlon, which can indeed intensify the sports development to a prominent level.

"Our experience in the development of high-performance technology products will serve to continue the path that, since our origins, has always linked us to professional athletes of the highest level around the world," he said.

"It is also an important challenge for us to help top-level triathletes achieve their goals, especially in the run-up to the Paris 2024 Olympics."

World Triathlon will continue to ensure all athletes achieve great performance by giving support in the sport and providing athlete development programmes.