There were six recipients at the Lithuanian Fair Play Awards ©LNOC

Zenonas Misiūnas was awarded the lifetime achievement award by the National Olympic Committee of Lithuania at the Lithuanian Fair Play Awards.

Misiūnas was head of the Utena Special School-Multifunctional Centre for 17 years and has has been coaching children and young people with intellectual disabilities for more than 30 years.

During the 27th edition of the awards, an additional five honours were received - the fair play act of the year, fair play act of a young athlete or youth team, young athlete, fair play project and fair play organisation.

"It is delightful that year after year we see many examples of fair play in Lithuania and have the possibility to honour them and show them to the public," said the President of the Lithuanian Fair Play Committee Austra Skujytė.

"This is not only an award but also a reminder to everyone that first of all we all are human beings.

"Therefore, being able to lend a hand to a stumbling competitor during a competition, or achieving a meaningful goal without counting the working hours is something that each of us should strive for."

The Rimantas Kaukėnas' Foundation received the award of fair play organisation for its goal and countless hours dedicated to children with oncological diseases.

Gintarė Katkutė's act during a Women's League B Division basketball playoff match was recognised as the fair play act of a young athlete as she rushed to help and opponent who had injured her head.

The programme of Kazickas Family Foundation, Youth Can, was victorious in the fair play project category.

The Lithuanian Olympic Committee hosted its Fair Play Awards for the 27th time ©LNOC
The Lithuanian Olympic Committee hosted its Fair Play Awards for the 27th time ©LNOC

"The Kazickas Family Foundation focuses on education and social projects for marginalised youth," said Arminas Vareika, representative of the Kazickas Family Foundation. 

"The Youth Can programme is designed and implemented to contribute to the development of the personalities of young people coming into maturity living in the regions and, now in its seventh year, is based on a strong personal touch and a close relationship.

"We believe that these values have made them winners.

"This award is the result of a lot of hard work and dedication of programme coaches and coordinators in the face of the pandemic."

Jovilė Rackevičiūtė was chosen as the young athlete - role model for peers award as, for three years, the 18-year-old has been volunteering and dedicating her free time to children with special needs with the aim of introducing them to athletics.

The fair play award of the year was given to Hilla Reuveny, physiotherapist and physical conditioning coach of the Israeli national youth swimming team who assisted the Lithuanian swimmer Aleksas Savickas during the European Youth Championships.

Savickas was in need of help from a physiotherapist but the Lithuanian team did not have their own so Reuveny came to his aid.