The IWF has launched a street weightlifting competition, set to take place in Lausanne ©Getty Images

The International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) has launched a competition dedicated to street weightlifting, which is to be held in Switzerland later this month.

It is scheduled to take place on April 23 in Lausanne at the Quartier du Flon and is to have a mixed team format

"This format can bring weightlifting into town centres and showcases the fun and competitive spirit of our sport," said IWF interim President Mike Irani.

"We want to showcase how great our sport is in urban settings."

Two athletes from the same country will compete together against other two-person teams in an outdoor setting.

Fourteen of the best athletes in the sport - including Olympians - from Europe, South America and Asia are set to feature.

Yasmin Stevens is one of the IWF's new athlete ambassadors ©Getty Images
Yasmin Stevens is one of the IWF's new athlete ambassadors ©Getty Images

The IWF has also launched its IWF athlete ambassador programme, with four elite athletes being chosen as "role models" to  promote, educate, and strengthen equal, fair, and clean sport.

Qatar's first Olympic gold medallist Meso Hassona is one of those ambassadors, along with Yasmin Stevens from Malta, Hidilyn Diaz of Philippines and Colombian Lesman Paredes.

Hassona, Stevens and Paredes are set to compete in street weightlifting too.