COE President Alejandro Blanco said he was still hopeful of a successful bid for the 2030 Winter Olympics despite differences between the Governments of Catalonia and Aragon ©Getty Images

The President of the Spanish Olympic Committee (COE) Alejandro Blanco has insisted the Pyrenees-Barcelona bid for the 2030 Winter Olympic Games is still on the table despite "insurmountable differences" between the Governments of Catalonia and Aragón.

He also confirmed that a visit from the International Olympic Committee (IOC), scheduled for May, had to be delayed due to the ongoing discussions between parties.

Blanco also said to reporters - according to SportsFinding - May would be the latest time to make "everything absolutely clear" on the bid.

"If we have something in the COE, it is seriousness," said Blanco.

"We have presented a candidacy, endorsed by the Government of Spain, with which we want to make some games with Catalonia and Aragon. 

"That is the approach we want, there is no other. 

"We are not going to leave to fight for this approach and we are going to move forward.

"There has been no agreement, but we have been summoned to continue having conversations. 

"I hope, I wish and I am sure that we will reach an agreement.

"We are in a hurry, a representation of the IOC was going to come in May to see the facilities, and now we have to delay it. 

"We are close to the limit and in May everything has to be absolutely clear, otherwise we would have to make another approach. 

"We are going to give us a few days and in that meeting we should already have a decision."

The Pyrenees is at the heart of the Spanish bid for the 2030 Winter Olympics ©Getty Images
The Pyrenees is at the heart of the Spanish bid for the 2030 Winter Olympics ©Getty Images

Contention lies over the distribution of venues for the Games, with the Spanish Government claiming Alpine skiing and cross-country skiing events would be split between Catalonia and Aragón.

Snowboarding, biathlon, curling, figure skating and short track speed skating events would be in Aragón under their plan, while Catalonia would host freestyle skiing, ski mountaineering, speed skating and ice hockey.

Previously, the Aragón Government did not attend a meeting with COE earlier this month after the region’s President Javier Lambán declared the plan "unfair", opting for a proposal that saw both regions share all sports but cut between them in genders.

"We will find the exact point, the important thing is that we have some games in Spain, so that everyone benefits," added Blanco.

"We have to keep talking to find that final point in which everyone is calm. 

"The priority is to make the Games - we are the ones responsible for that candidacy going ahead, but it is not being easy. 

"We have something that nobody has - a story and a history that is understanding, respect and dialogue.

"We have created a Technical Commission, with three representatives from each party, and the proposal that was debated has been approved, we cannot say that it is unfair, the representatives of that commission are appointed by the Governments."

The Pyrenees-Barcelona bid is expected to face three former Winter Olympics hosts - Sapporo, Salt Lake City and Vancouver - as rivals for the 2030 bid.