FISU President Leonz Eder, right, and IWGA José Perurena, left, have agreed to improve cooperation ©FISU

Leonz Eder, the Acting President of the International University Sports Federation (FISU), and José Perurena, the President of the International World Games Association (IWGA), have agreed to a Memorandum of Understanding to improve cooperation.

The foundation of the agreement between the two organisations is based upon four principles to ensure they establish effective collaboration.

The FISU and IWGA plan to swap ideas regarding the organisation of their events and good practice, as well as survey the potential of forming closer cooperation to discuss their communication, promotion and marketing strategies.

It has been agreed the international organisations may assist one another by exchanging expertise and continue cooperation to organise and support their sporting events.

They have also urged National Olympic Committees to provide support and aid their delegations which attend the World Games and the FISU World University Games.

The FISU and IWGA have united to encourage NOCs to support athletes competing at their competitions ©Getty Images
The FISU and IWGA have united to encourage NOCs to support athletes competing at their competitions ©Getty Images

The World Games is the IWGA’s marquee competition which is held every four years and incorporates several sports and disciplines that are not on the full programme preceding the Olympic or Paralympic Games.

Sports that are scheduled to be staged at the Birmingham 2022 World Games include floorball, lacrosse, sumo and bowling.

Upwards of 3,600 competitors from over 100 countries are due to compete in the 34 sports.

The World University Games is FISU’s prized competition with the summer version including 15 sports, such as badminton and rowing  and the winter edition having 12 sports, including Alpine skiing and ice hockey. 

This year's Summer World University Games, due to take place in Chengdu having been re-arranged due to the Olympic Games in Tokyo being moved to 2021, was postponed earlier this month due to the COVID-19 pandemic, while the Lake Placid 2023 Winter World University Games is scheduled to take place between January 12 and 22 next year.