The Turkish Olympic Committee launched the "Empowering Girls through Sport" project at an event in Diyarbakir ©TOC

The Turkish Olympic Committee (TOC) has launched a project that aims to inspire greater participation of women in sport.

The scheme, called "Empowering Girls through Sport", was started at an event in Turkish city Diyarbakir where about 300 female students were given new sports equipment and clothing.

Turkish badminton player Aliye Demirbağ, a bronze medallist at the 2018 Mediterranean Games, was on hand to showcase her skills and teach students how to play the game.

There was also presence from Diyarbakır officials including deputy governor Ömer Coşkun, Bağlar district governor Yavuz Güner and provincial director of youth and sports Nüammer Uslu who shared their enthusiasm for the basketball, volleyball and badminton activities.

"Like my brothers, I started playing sports at a young age," said Demirbağ.

"My interest in badminton increased day by day, which allowed me to reach a level where I can proudly represent my country on the international stage against the best in the world.

"I believe that the girls who are with us today and who are introduced to sports through this project, will also be the strong individuals of tomorrow."

The TOC said the goal of the project was to support the education of women as well as contribute to their physical, mental and social development.

Mediterranean Games medallist Aliye Demirbağ taught youngsters how to play badminton ©Getty Images
Mediterranean Games medallist Aliye Demirbağ taught youngsters how to play badminton ©Getty Images

The project involves tutoring from professional Turkish athletes and trained coaches in volleyball, basketball, and badminton.

Students are also expected to be provided sporting apparel and equipment to ensure that everyone can take part.

"At TOC, we are working with all our strength to facilitate the access to sports for our children and youth, so that one day they can compete at the highest level," said Seyit Plan Porsun, member of the TOC Board.

"Every corner of our country is full of children with high potential, who will be the light source of our future, and who will be role models for their future siblings.

"We are both very happy and proud to be able to touch their lives through sports."