Sapporo is preparing a bid to host the 2030 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games ©Getty Images

A draft ordinance proposing a public referendum to approve the city's bid for the 2030 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games is set to be considered at the Sapporo City Assembly taking place tomorrow.

The Japanese Communist Party proposed the ordinance in response to what it believes to be poor polling results from an official survey taken earlier this year that showed as low as 52 per cent of people across certain demographics are in favour of Sapporo hosting the Games.

The ordinance is expected to be rejected as the ruling Liberal Democratic Party are opposed to the referendum as they believe it targets older voters while the polling taken in March allegedly recorded approval for the Games from younger generations.

A parliamentary resolution was passed in the same month to endorse the bid while Sapporo's 2030 host rival Salt Lake City revealed that 87 per cent of Utahns support the bid plans showing that a public vote is not required.

Despite the Government insisting that there is a lot of support for the Japanese city to bid for the Games, anti-Olympics activists in the country are rallying against it with protest group No Sapporo 2030 organising a public demonstration on June 12.

"Sapporo City is currently promoting its bid for the 2030 Winter Olympics," read a statement from the activist organisation.

"There should at least be a referendum but the city has no plans to do so.

"Even if there are many opposition voices, it seems that they will proceed with the bid.

"The cost of the Sapporo Olympics is, per Sapporo citizen (including children), is thought to be more than ¥20,000 (£120/$150/€140).

"There are various problems besides money.

"People who think Sapporo doesn’t need the Olympics, people who have doubts about Sapporo City, gather.

"Now is the time to stop, let's walk together."

A petition has also been set up urging the Government to hold a referendum to gauge public support for the bid and also weigh the pros and cons of Sapporo holding the Games for a second time after the 1972 edition.