Düsseldorf is set to stage Rhine-Ruhr 2025 alongside Bochum, Duisburg, Essen, and Mülheim ©Getty Images

With three years to go until the Rhine-Ruhr 2025 International University Sports Federation (FISU) World University Games, organisers are eager to utilise the event to showcase what the region has to give.

They claim that the Games will be an innovative and sustainable celebration of sport that will inspire the population and inspire young people to take advantage of the area's offerings in sport, culture, science, and industry.

"We want to present Games that are there for everyone, that take into account the wishes of the youth and also presents North Rhine-Westphalia in its diversity with all its possibilities," said Rhine-Ruhr 2025 chief executive Stefan Kürten.

"In addition to a good strategy, it is of course particularly important for us to anchor the Rhine-Ruhr 2025 World University Games in the public's consciousness.

"We want students from all over the world to come to the Rhine-Ruhr region, experience the event and get to know the region - a metropolitan region that is looking to the future and developing into a centre for research, technology and sustainable projects."

The Organising Committee has adopted three strategic pillars for the event.

It aims to set a benchmark with Rhine-Ruhr 2025 for future multi-sport events in terms of organisation, implementation and dissemination, to inspire younger generations to "get involved in their future", and to inspire the breadth of the population through sport.

Stefan Kürten claims that Rhine-Ruhr 2025 will give new impetus to sport, culture, and science in Germany ©FISU
Stefan Kürten claims that Rhine-Ruhr 2025 will give new impetus to sport, culture, and science in Germany ©FISU

"The Games will give a new impetus to sport, culture and science in Germany," said Kürten.

"These Games are about showing the younger generations that the experiences of the athletes and those who are inspired by the event will be of great benefit to their future.

"In the end, if the athletes, spectators and followers can go home with unforgettable memories and a positive impression, then we have done our job."

Rhine-Ruhr is set to collaborate with other major events set to take place in Germany including the Munich 2022 European Championships, Berlin 2023 Special Olympics World Games, and UEFA European Championship 2024.

"We have interacted with these high-profile events," said Kürten

"We see ourselves as a string of pearls of sporting events, where each event tries to build on the previous one and become better.

"We also want to present our event in the best possible way and showcase Germany as a beautiful, culturally diverse and sustainable sporting location."

The Games are set to run from July 16 to 27 2025 with approximately 10,000 athletes taking part across five sub-sites in the region - Bochum, Duisburg, Düsseldorf, Essen, and Mülheim.