New Zealand's Chef de Mission Nigel Avery, centre, has expressed concern over Birmingham 2022's COVID-19 policy ©Getty Images

New Zealand's Chef de Mission Nigel Avery claims ActivePure's air-purifying technology will provide a "critical layer of protection" against COVID-19 at the Commonwealth Games here.

The New Zealand Olympic Committee (NZOC) said ActivePure units will be used to "keep indoor air and surfaces cleaner and safer" by providing continuous air and surface disinfection measures.

The units are being provided under the NZOC’s partnership with Big Blue, a leading New Zealand water and hygiene company.

ActivePure is considered a global leader in air purification systems and proven against COVID-19 in the air and on surfaces.

"A key part of competition at this level is ensuring that you show up healthy and well when it’s go time," said Avery.

"The ActivePure partnership provides a critical layer of protection for both our Kiwi athletes and the NZ Team support crew so they can perform to their highest potential."

A total of 233 New Zealand athletes are set to compete in 19 sports at Birmingham 2022 ©Getty Images
A total of 233 New Zealand athletes are set to compete in 19 sports at Birmingham 2022 ©Getty Images

The announcement of ActivePure's involvement comes just days after Avery expressed his displeasure over Birmingham 2022's COVID-19 policy due to fears of athletes spreading the virus during the Games.

Avery said he was concerned about the organisers’ "unfair" protocol that may allow athletes to compete if they test positive for COVID-19.

It will be the fifth time ActivePure has been involved with the NZOC after providing protection during the Tokyo 2020 and Beijing 2022 Olympics that were both held under tight COVID-19 restrictions.

"After seeing the positive impact of ActivePure at the Tokyo and Winter Olympics as well as in New Zealand across national interest projects, we were quick to support the NZ Commonwealth team to help safeguard our athletes in their accommodation spaces," said Paul Wiggans, managing director of Big Blue.

"We were thrilled to see our athletes create history at the Olympic Games and we wish the team all the best in Birmingham."

New Zealand has selected a team of 233 athletes to compete across 19 sports at Birmingham 2022, scheduled to run from July 28 to August 8.