Yerevan is still to host the IBA Extraordinary Congress next month ©Getty Images

The International Boxing Association (IBA) has again rejected calls to move the Extraordinary Congress from Yerevan in Armenia to Lausanne, citing "the decision of the majority prevails", as 19 countries continue to push their opposition to hosting the event in the Swiss city.

A second letter from a group calling themselves the Common Cause Alliance was sent to the IBA Board of Directors, pressing the governing body for boxing over holding the event in the country which is a strong ally to Russia.

It also linked the ongoing investigation of Richard McLaren into the Men's European Boxing Championships to the hosting of the Congress.

The Championships were held in Armenia, with McLaren's team alleging corruption, unauthorised intrusions on the field of play and subsequent interventions of the European Boxing Confederation (EUBC) there.

"We repeat our request that the forthcoming IBA Extraordinary Congress be hosted in Lausanne to ensure a free and fair election," read the statement by the Common Cause Alliance.

"We understand that the events that took place in Yerevan, where personal safety of competition officials could not be guaranteed, contributed to the decision of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to remove IBA from any involvement in the Paris 2024 Olympic boxing cycle."

It also noted that Armenia was an ally of Russia which broke the Olympic Truce, with the Congress host nation stationing Russian forces in Gyumri while noting that it would not look favourable to the IOC to have the Congress in a country allying Russia with the invasion of Ukraine continuing.

"It is critical that the election takes place in a neutral country to ensure that the election is both fair and perceived to be fair by the international sporting community," it continued. 

"It must be hosted in a country that is free from any investigation and which upholds the highest standards of governance."

It continued to ask for the minutes of the IBA Board of Directors meeting from July 15, when the decision was made, in Algeria.

IBA President Umar Kremlev is facing re-election next month ©IBA
IBA President Umar Kremlev is facing re-election next month ©IBA

In response, IBA said it followed a democratic process, adding that Armenia agreed to pay fees to host the event, while Switzerland did not.

"IBA Board of Directors has already taken the decision on July 15 about the date and place of the Congress, and IBA Head Office has opened the National Federations registration process accordingly," said IBA in a statement. 

"IBA Board of Directors was elected democratically by Congress and was trusted to take and execute decisions according to the IBA Constitution. 

"The Board decisions are made effective immediately after the vote is submitted.

"While true democracy is based on a variety of opinions, the decision of the majority prevails. 

"We are happy that within IBA, democracy is in place, and each of the 17 National Federations that expressed their opposite opinion, is a perfect testimony of it, however, IBA consists of 203 National Federations.

"The process of selecting a host city was transparent and open. 

"All National Federations were invited to the bid.

"IBA Board of Directors has examined different bids and chosen the best suitable solution that satisfies all necessary requirements. 

"Swiss Boxing Federation, being among the signatories of the letter, neither sent any bidding documents nor proposed to cover any costs which are significant as far as prices in Switzerland are concerned. 

"We are surprised that in the above-mentioned circumstances Swiss Boxing is appealing the Board decision."

Boris van der Vorst, a member of the Common Cause Alliance, is facing Umar Kremlev for the Presidency of the IBA ©Boris van der Vorst
Boris van der Vorst, a member of the Common Cause Alliance, is facing Umar Kremlev for the Presidency of the IBA ©Boris van der Vorst

IBA also added that it believed issues related to the European Championships were not linked to Yerevan, but to officials present at the event.

Its Board minutes are to be published after approval at the next meeting in line with the Constitution, it added.

"IBA would not appreciate any attempts to justify the outcome of Congress by complaining about the choice of its place," it added.

"This cannot be a key factor for the transparency of the National Federations' decisions.

"Armenia has already started preparations for the Congress and signed the Host City agreement, they took a huge part of financial responsibility for the organisational process, and IBA appreciates it a lot."

The IBA Extraordinary Congress is scheduled for September 25, which will see incumbent President Umar Kremlev challenged by Dutch Boxing Federation President and Common Cause Alliance member Boris van der Vorst, after a Court of Arbitration for Sport ruling said the first election between the pair - which saw the Dutchman ruled ineligible on the eve of the vote - should have taken place with both candidates.