Japan's Para sports teams have had a funding boost, while others saw a decrease due to COVID-19 ©Getty Images

More than 30 per cent of Para sports organisations in Japan have received an increase in grants from businesses following the nation's hosting of the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games, but just as many have seen a funding decrease from these companies.

Asahi Shimbun sent questionnaires to 26 Para sports organisations in the country to coincide with the one-year anniversary of the Opening Ceremony of the Paralympics, which is to be celebrated tomorrow.

"We didn't expect this," said experts who rolled out the survey.

"It points to changes in awareness within companies."

Of the 25 organisations that responded, 23 gave answers that showed a comparison between donations from August 2021 and July 2022.

Eight of these bodies claimed more in grants this year, with six saying this figure remained the same.

Nine said they received less money than in August 2021.

Boccia is one of the sports that saw a funding rise in Japan ©Getty Images
Boccia is one of the sports that saw a funding rise in Japan ©Getty Images

The Japan Boccia Association was one of those that saw an increase, claiming JPY50 million (£309,000/$366,000/€367,000) this year, an increase of approximately 25 per cent.

Japan Para Athletics received around JPY 46 million (£285,000/$337,000/€338,000), also around a 20 per cent rise.

Organisations that have seen a boost have stated people were more aware of Para sports too, while those who received less said deals had expired and COVID-19 complications saw agreements not extended.

The survey also highlighted that Para sports bodies were struggling to source venues and facilities, with only three organisations finding it easier to secure training sites.

Eighteen of the 25 organisations said their sport had more recognition now, while seven saw no change.