Santiago 2023 and the Metropolitan University of Educational Sciences are to cooperate in the field of volunteering ©Twitter/Santiago2023

Santiago 2023 has signed an agreement with the Metropolitan University of Educational Sciences (UMCE) focused on volunteering.

The university is based in the Chilean capital and was represented by rector Elisa Araya, who penned the deal with the Santiago 2023 executive director Gianna Cunazza.

The collaboration will see students be trained and certified to serve as volunteers at the Pan American and Parapan American Games, while teachers will be given access to an educational platform.

"The entire university is put into action so that these Games are as good as possible," Araya said.

"We understand it as a showcase for the country, we are going to show ourselves to all of America and the world through this competition, so it seems very important to us to participate in that."

The educational platform managed by Santiago 2023 is set to provide spaces to review, evaluate and update the university's curriculum.

It will also aid with the preparation and delivery of academic research and coordination of seminars and lectures, it is claimed.

Gianna Cunazza is hopeful the deal can lead to
Gianna Cunazza is hopeful the deal can lead to "social transformation" ©Panam Sports

"One of the objectives of Santiago 2023 is to provide a legacy and we understand sport as an element of social transformation," said Cunazza.

"For this reason, the agreement with the UMCE is decisive to be able to amplify and strengthen this plan, therefore we hope that through this programme we can reach thousands of teachers and educate them in different fields."

The Santiago 2023 Pan American Games is due to run between October 20 and November 5 next year, followed by the Parapan American Games between November 17 and 25.

Chile has never hosted the event before.