A meeting was held to discuss the future of the FEI Jumping Nations Cup ©Getty Images

A taskforce has met to discuss the future of the International Equestrian Federation (FEI) Jumping Nations Cup, with a focus on a sustainable future for the sport's oldest series.

Representatives met at the Olympic Museum in Lausanne on Tuesday (October 25), with others joining online, meaning around 50 participants from over 20 nations were there.

These included athletes, National Federations and regional associations, organisers, horse owners and the FEI.

FEI President Ingmar de Vos spoke about the long history of the series, but also the need to adapt to ensure it continued to exist.

FEI jumping director Marco Fusté, FEI commercial director Ralph Strauss and FEI secretary general Sabrina Ibáñez were among the speakers who delivered presentations.

There has been an increase from 720 international jumping events in 2007 to 1,771 in 2022, as discussions expressed concern over the future of the series.

FEI members met in Lausanne for the meeting ©Getty Images
FEI members met in Lausanne for the meeting ©Getty Images

De Vos, who also moderated the meeting said the dedication of the community "was echoed in the high level task force discussions, with all the participants expressing their commitment to the series and everything it stands for, and a strong desire to see it succeed and maintain its place as the pinnacle of our sport".

"Because this is what many athletes aspire to - to represent their nation on the international stage, to be a part of a team, and to win or compete for their flag," added De Vos.

"This is a dream which the FEI Jumping Nations Cup Series can and should continue to deliver for elite and developing equestrian nations. 

"But to do this, we need a clear and easy to understand concept and a unique identity which reflects this status as the pinnacle of the sport, a global series with top events, and a narrative that can attract fans, inspire teams and create that strong sense of pride which goes hand in hand with the heritage of the FEI Nations Cup."

The FEI President said that there was constructive feedback from the meeting and an internal debrief would be arranged as a result to establish better framework.

A follow-up meeting on this is expected in early 2023.