The UEFA Women's Nations League is set to launch next year ©Getty Images

UEFA has announced the creation of the Women's Nations League, with the tournament set to determine the three European qualifiers for future editions of the Olympic Games.

Scheduled to begin next year, the new UEFA Women's Nations League will hold its initial season from late 2023 until the European springtime in 2024, meaning it will determine the three European teams taking part in Paris 2024. 

Countries are now able to qualify automatically for the Women's Euros and FIFA Women's World Cup automatically through the competition - meaning it is a different format to the men's equivalent.

It is open to all 51 member associations and will be played in three leagues.

"I said this summer that we would continue to invest in women's football, and we are," said UEFA President Aleksander Čeferin. 

"Off the back of a historic UEFA Women's Euro, it is now time to further develop women's national team football. 

"We have built an open, competitive, and continuous system in which every match will matter, a true reflection of the European sports model."

League A will comprise of four groups of four, as will League B.

The rest will be in League C, which is expected to have five groups of either three or four teams.

Each Nations League season will see the bottom team in each group in League A and B relegated, with the top team in the League B and C groups gaining promotion.

Due to the five groups in League C creating a promotion imbalance when moving into B, the worst third-placed team in League B will also be relegated.

The format explained by UEFA ©UEFA
The format explained by UEFA ©UEFA

At the end of the Nations League phase in 2024, both the first and second-placed teams in the four League A groups will automatically qualify for the Women's EURO 2025.

The eight qualifiers will join the 2025 hosts - yet to be determined - while the rest of the top countries go into the European Qualifiers stage that will take place during the remainder of 2024.

The other eight teams in League A who do not receive automatic qualification will be among 28 countries still in with a chance of making the finals in home-and-away. 

They are to be drawn against the winners of the League C groups or the best three second-placed teams.

Eight winners will advance to the second playoff, joining the six winners from the League B playoff round.

The teams in the top three spots in each League B group will be drawn against each other in the first round.

The remaining 14 teams will then play each other in round two - with the seven winners qualifying for the Women's EURO 2025.

This same format is set to be used for the FIFA Women's World Cup in 2027, but with less playoff spots as the continent's quota for the format is only 11 plus an intercontinental playoff slot.