The European Parliament is aiming to improve the esports industry in Europe ©Getty Images

The European Parliament has voted in favour of a resolution that could see the European Commission and Council provide a larger investment into the continent's esports industry.

While the resolution is not binding, it calls for more European and national support.

A long-term vision for esports and video games is also recommended. 

Gender equality should be considered as part of the strategy, with women accounting for only 20 per cent of the industry in 2020.

European Parliament member Laurence Farreng, from France, lobbied for the passing of this resolution in March.

Laurence Farreng is one of the supporters of the resolution ©Getty Images
Laurence Farreng is one of the supporters of the resolution ©Getty Images

"Gaming has become a vital part of cultural life for half of Europeans," she said.

"Yet, we still don't have an European vision for the industry.

"Today, in the European Parliament, we formally call to develop an European video games strategy."

Consumer protection has been mentioned as a necessity to avoid aggressive monetisation of games through micro-transactions.

Other recommendations included preserving "the most culturally significant European video games", as well as finding ways to improve the industry in Europe to stop talent from going elsewhere.

Approximately 70 per cent of young people between the ages of six and 24 play video games, according to European Union research.