The United States' Katie Nageotte, right, and Britain's Holly Bradshaw, left, won the CIFP Fair Play Award ©Getty Images

Pole vaulters Katie Nageotte and Holly Bradshaw have been awarded the International Fair Play Committee (CIFP) Fair Play Award as part of the World Athletics Awards 2022, with the Brazilian Athletics Confederation (CBAt) taking the Member Federation prize.

British Olympic bronze medallist Bradshaw was injured in a warm-up session at the World Athletics Championships in Oregon after her pole snapped, and was supported by the United States' Katie Nageotte, who went on to add gold to her Olympic title secured at Tokyo 2020.

Nageotte then defended Bradshaw after she was the subject of social media abuse having withdrawn to allow another athlete to seek a place in the final.

Ukrainian high jumpers Yaroslava Mahuchikh and Andriy Protsenko had been put forward for their "incredible strength and resilience" in winning medals at Oregon 2022, as well as British heptathlete Katarina Johnson-Thompson, who comforted Germany's Sophie Weißenberg after she recorded three fouls in the long jump.

CIFP secretary general Sunil Sabharwal explained why Nageotte and Bradshaw had been chosen as the Fair Play Award winner.

"When we look for an act of fair play, we are looking for an act where someone goes beyond the call of duty, at times putting themselves at risk," he said.

"Here what we had was a series of events.

"If you think about sports media or sports history, this kind of social media hate is a new phenomenon and the Committee and the jury felt that this unwanted, unnecessary and undesired criticism by people who really don’t know what is going on, needs to be called out.

"We were unanimous in supporting this."

The CIFP honours those who respect "written and unwritten rules of sport", with 10 awards related to the World Championships awarded since 2003.

Nageotte said that "Holly is the toughest athlete I’ve possibly ever met", and abuse she faced because she withdrew demonstrated "ignorance around our sport".

Bradshaw emphasised the importance of "having that realisation that what you are saying at home and posting online really does affect a person".

The Member Federation Award is given for "a national governing body that has gone above and beyond to serve its athletes, fans and greater community", with Brazil staving off competition from five others to earn the honour.

The staging of six international events in the country and the signing of two sponsorship deals were among the reasons cited for the CBAt's success.

CBAt President Wlamir Leandro Motta Campos described the award as a "collective achievement".

"It is a delight for the Brazilian Athletics Confederation to be able to take care of athletes, enabling better results by offering health plans to our athletes who stand out in Brazilian Championships and who are part of the national teams," he said.

"The Brazilian Confederation supports athletes from the start to the elite level.

"We have 60 grass roots athletics training centres, where we introduce the sport to children from six years old.

"We take part in all events with full teams, which shows our commitment and respect for the athletes, the greatest assets in our sport."