Santiago 2023 held a hike to celebrate its push for volunteers ©Santiago 2023

The Organising Committee for the Santiago 2023 Pan American Games celebrated gaining 12,000 volunteers for the event, by arranging a hike to Parque Metropolitano San Cristóbal.

This coincided with International Volunteer Day, with the walk being split into two groups that met at Parque Metropolitano.

Routes started at Pedro de Valdivia and Pio Nono.

At the final destination, there were activities and sport for adults and children.

Santiago is the next host of the Pan American Games ©Getty Images
Santiago is the next host of the Pan American Games ©Getty Images

"We are happy to be here with those who will be the heart of the Games, the volunteers, who give their time, commitment, and passion without expecting anything in return, only for the community's well-being, and that must be highlighted," said Gianna Cunazza, executive director of Santiago 2023.

"We want everyone to have the opportunity to be part of this festival, the application is still open and we are making various agreements with educational and civic entities so that no one is left out."

So far, 12,000 people have signed up for the 17,000 volunteer spots, and there is still time for more to join them.

The 2023 Pan American Games are scheduled for October 20 to November 5 2023, followed by the Parapan American Games from November 17 to 25.