The Global Esports Academy ultimately aims to create and help sustain jobs in esports ©GEF

Global Esports Federation (GEF) chief executive Paul Foster believes that esports' "future is very bright" following the unveiling of the organisation's Global Esports Academy.

The academy is an initiative powered by the body's Education, Culture and Youth Commission and it aims to empower grassroots esports development that helps community and youth development with educational resources.

It will offer a global coaching framework and pathways leading to esports coaching accreditation while also developing standards for esports growth in a safe and inclusive environment.

"For the first time ever, the Global Esports Academy is going to legitimise sustainable jobs, work and futures in and around esports as a sustainable profession," Foster said here at the Global Esports Games in Istanbul.

"The GEF, through the Global Esports Academy, is really going to work to lift up those communities and make sure people can contribute.

"Safeguarding is another important aspect.

"To make sure our community is supported in the future, we need to do some really hard work in building that strong foundation."

The GEF have started talks to decide on host cities for the 2027 and 2028 editions of the Global Esports Games ©GEF
The GEF have started talks to decide on host cities for the 2027 and 2028 editions of the Global Esports Games ©GEF

The coaching accreditation process will require identity verification, security background checks, as well as mandatory safeguarding, health and wellness coursework.

The GEF is looking to introduce esports as an accepted tool for education and youth development with the academy.

It claims it will produce supplies for all that will be focused on "online safety and safeguarding", "health and wellness", and an "introduction to esports and career pathways."

"The Global Esports Academy curates a range of continuing professional development resources, pathways and opportunities, in collaboration with our leading global industry partners, for community members, coaches and industry professionals," claims the GEF.

"Together with the world’s academic community, we develop resources and programmes for all ages and stages of the education pathway - primary and kindergarten through to postgraduate - offering esports as a viable and legitimate component for youth development."

The current Global Esports Games in Istanbul is the second edition of the event and is taking place prior to a busy 2023 for the GEF which is set to see it host events parallel to the European Games in Poland and the Pan American Games in Chile.

"Today we told all of our Member Federations that we are talking about [hosting the Global Esports Games] in 2027 and 2028," the GEF added.