Dejan Lovren, left, and Marcelo Brozovic, right, have been accused of singing fascist songs ©Getty Images

Croatian footballers Dejan Lovren and Marcelo Brozovic have been filmed allegedly singing fascist anthem "Za Dom Spremni" which is considered to be the Ustaše equivalent of the Nazi sieg heil.

Following the country's third-place finish at the FIFA World Cup in Qatar, the pair were seen celebrating while singing the song which translates to "Ready for the Homeland" with Brozovic also making gun gestures.

It was sung by members of the Ustaše movement during the Second World War.

The pistol gesture is seen as a nationalist salute and is prohibited by law and qualified by the Croatian Constitutional Court as a crime against public order and incitement of hatred.

The Ustaše was an ultranationalist organisation which murdered hundreds of thousands of Croatian Serbs, Jewish and Romani people, as well as political dissidents in Yugoslavia during the war.

Lovren has hit back at the accusations.

"A handful of wretched, miserable and jealous people, they hate everything that is Croatian," he said, as reported by 24Sata.

"Actually, they hate themselves first.

"They were disgusted last night when I sang 'Are you beautiful?' in front of the whole of Croatia.

"I don't understand how they work in Croatia?"

The song was popularised by musician Marko Perković, a former soldier from the Craotian War of Independence.

During the war, he started his music career with the nationalist song "Bojna Čavoglave".

The lyrics of his songs often feature notorious references to war crimes and has performed songs in the past the openly glorify the Ustaše regime, its crimes against humanity during World War II and the genocide of Serbs.

Earlier in the tournament in Qatar, the Croatia squad were filmed at a team dinner singing Perkovic's songs in unison.

In 2013, Croatian defender Josip Šimunić was fined and suspended for 10 matches for shouting "Za dom spremni" at the crowd celebrations for Croatia's qualification for the 2014 World Cup.