The WWIIB will take place in Cape Town with the first game happening between Croatia and New Zealand at the Ice Station on February 20 ©Getty Images

The Turkish women's national team will no longer be participating in the 2023 International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) Women's World Championship Division II Group B (WWIIB) as the country is still suffering from the aftermath of the two earthquakes hitting their country.

Turkey were preparing to compete in Group B of the second division in Cape Town, South Africa, before the Turkish Ice Hockey Federation told the IIHF that they have withdrawn from the competition. 

The WWIIB is set to be held from February 20 to 26, featuring South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Belgium and Croatia, with a new schedule created after Turkey's withdrawal.

The IIHF sent their condolences to Turkey, who had all national and international competitions postponed by the Government and Ministry of Youth and Sports, as well as Syria.

"The IIHF sends its deepest condolences to the Turkish Ice Hockey Federation, as well as the families of the victims," an IIHF statement read.  

The earthquake has prevented Turkey from competing in sports competitions ©Getty Images
The earthquake has prevented Turkey from competing in sports competitions ©Getty Images

"The thoughts of the whole IIHF community are with all the people affected by the earthquakes in Türkiye and Syria."

Turkey and Syria have been devastated by the earthquake, which has led to around 40,000 deaths so far, with more still missing.

Group A games will take place from April 1 to 7 with Mexico, Spain, Chinese Taipei, Latvia, North Korea and Iceland set to compete.

The  2023 IIHF Women's World Championship is scheduled to be held in Brampton, Canada, from April 5 to 16.