The "Zero-waste Asian Games Improvement Action Plan" has been released in preparation for Hangzhou 2022 ©Hangzhou 2022

A new action plan has been released to ensure Hangzhou 2022 organisers host a "zero-waste" Asian Games this year.

The Zhejiang province is aiming for Hangzhou to become a "zero-waste city" and has launched the "Zero-waste Asian Games Improvement Action Plan" in preparation for staging the continental multi-sport event.

The plan outlines a series of measures that look to drastically reduce the amount of waste at the Games.

Among those include advocating green accommodation, paperless and renewable materials and achieving energy conservation and a reduction in emissions.

Hangzhou 2022 organisers have also been tasked with building the classification system of recyclables during the event, holding a seminar to promote zero-waste behaviour and publicise the "zero-waste Asian Games" concept.

The Zhejiang province is looking to establish
The Zhejiang province is looking to establish "zero-waste cities" as part of efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions ©Getty Images

The other recommendations include managing the pollution risk of hazardous waste and establishing the coordination mechanism for emergency disposal to prevent any problems.

"Through the implementation of the plan, Zhejiang will form the first 'zero-waste' standard system for a large-scale event," a statement from Hangzhou 2022 read.

"In the future, these valuable experiences will also be publicised and applied to the construction of zero-waste cities and other zero-waste events."

China is the biggest polluter in the world, emitting 10,065 million tonnes of carbon dioxide in 2019, nearly double that of second-highest, the United States.

The Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games are scheduled to take place from September 23 to October 8, having been postponed by a year due to COVID-19 restrictions in China.