United World Wrestling has dedicated three more areas of its anti-doping programme to the International Testing Agency ©ITA

United World Wrestling (UWW) has announced that it has handed over its entire anti-doping programme to the International Testing Agency (ITA) following the renewal of its partnership.

The worldwide governing body has been collaborating with the ITA since January 2019 and has now decided to delegate more areas of its clean-sport programme to the independent organisation.

This includes the long-term storage of samples and the education of athletes.

UWW said that the ITA would also run the therapeutic use exemptions programme (TUE) for wrestlers.

"I wish to thank UWW for their trust and ongoing commitment to offer their athletes a high-quality clean sport programme run by the ITA," said ITA director general Benjamin Cohen.

"UWW have been one of the early adopters of an independently led anti-doping programme and were among the first Olympic International Federations to collaborate with us.

"I am very pleased to see that over the past years our partnership has grown and that today UWW is delegating all of its clean sport efforts to the ITA.

UWW President Nenad Lalović has praised the ITA for providing
UWW President Nenad Lalović has praised the ITA for providing "professional services", insisting this is "exactly what our athletes are entitled to demand" ©Getty Images

"We are very honoured by the trust placed in our organisation and will continue to do our best to protect their athletes and competitions in support of UWW's values of unity, passion and integrity."

Applications for TUEs will be handled by the ITA's International Therapeutic Use Exemption Committee - a network of some of the world's best physicians and pharmacists with expertise in sports medicine.

Following the partnership renewal, UWW samples will be stored in the ITA's Centralised Long-Term Storage Facility, allowing them to be re-tested up to 10 years after the collection date.

The ITA has also pledged to raise awareness against doping, support the UWW clean sport values and contribute to drug prevention with a dedicated series of webinars and by providing education support throughout the year.

"The professional services delivered by the ITA have met all our expectations since the beginning and this is exactly what our athletes are entitled to demand," said UWW President Nenad Lalović.

"It is therefore with complete trust that the UWW has not only renewed the partnership until the end of 2024 but also delegated the full programme to the ITA.

"We want our athletes to be confident that they compete in a clean environment, thanks to a dedicated team of experts."

Other areas managed by the ITA include the entire testing programme, both in- and out-of-competition, the risk assessment and test distribution planning.