Representatives from six nations gathered for the SUEA Emergency Congress to elect Dorjpalam Gerel as Interim Acting President ©FIAS

Mongolia's Dorjpalam Gerel has received unanimous backing at a Sambo Union of East Asia (SUEA) Emergency Congress to take over as Interim Acting President.

South Korean official Moon Chong-eum had been re-elected as President at the last SUEA Electoral Congress in 2020, but lost his right to represent the Korean Sambo Federation in the regional body on January 27.

This followed what the Korean Sambo Federation described as "independent steps to hinder the development of sambo" despite the recommendations of the International Sambo Federation (FIAS) and Sambo Union of Asia and Oceania (SUAO).

The SUEA Congress was attended by representatives from six National Federations in Hong Kong, Macau, Chinese Taipei, Mongolia, South Korea and Japan, while SUAO first vice-president Suresh Gopi of Hong Kong attended as an observer.

Gerel was the only candidate for the role and elected unanimously, as was Hong Kong's Chan Kin Chun Ken to the secretary general role.

The new Interim Acting President is set to take office until next year's Elective Congress.

SUAO first vice-president Suresh Gopi, top left, said he was
SUAO first vice-president Suresh Gopi, top left, said he was "very pleased with the appointment" of Dorjpalam Gerel as SUEA President ©FIAS

He outlined his plans for the position.

"I express my gratitude to all members of the Sambo Union of East Asia for their trust in me, I will continue to work on the development of sambo in Mongolia, East Asia and around the world," Gerel said.

"I call on all National Federations of our region to be united and actively exchange experiences for the professional growth of athletes, coaches and referees.

"I would also like to emphasise the importance of observing the FIAS regulations and rules when organising and holding sambo events, this is the principle that we all adhere to and must adhere to in the future.

"We need to strive to show the whole world that our region is the most active in terms of sambo development, and we have all the prerequisites for this."

Gopi said he was "very pleased with the appointment", and believes "Mongolia is a key country for the strategic development of sambo in the region with the possibility of active interaction with the Chinese side".

The SUEA serves as an administrative unit of SUAO, aiming to represent the region in the continental body's Executive Committee and work with it on the sport's development in the region.