Japan's Yukiko Inui two gold medals in the second leg of the World Aquatics Artistic Swimming World Cup in Montpellier ©Getty Images

Japan ended the World Aquatics Artistic Swimming World Cup in Montpellier as the dominant nation with four gold medals.

Yukiko Inui replicated her two solo successes in the 2022 World Championships in Budapest.

Her score of 389.3583 points for a performance at the Piscine Olympique Angelotti to Orochi I earned her a gold medal in the women’s free solo for the second successive World Cup after her victory in Markham in Canada in March.

Vasiliki Alexandri from Austria scored 334.6709 points for the silver medal.

Slovakia's Viktoria Reichova scored a surprise bronze with a remodelled routine after finishing last in the previous World Cup. 

She received 260.8376 points.

In the women’s solo technical, Inui came up trumps again,when her Life of a Droplet routine scored 282.2583 points for gold.

Ukraine’s Martina Fiedina had chosen to swim to a choreography entitled Bird of Liberty which received 263.3083 points for silver.

Spain’s Iris Tio Casa swam to romantic music by Gustav Mahler for a score of  254.6542 points and the bronze medal.

There was also gold for Japan in the mixed team competition as they secured the highest marks for artistic impression and execution with their routine Chess for a score of  391.5896 points. 

Japan even had a hand in the silver medal performance by Israel. 

Their routine was entitled Japan having been inspired by Japanese culture and music which secured them 356.3647 points.

Bronze went to Italy for Transformation, a performance to music by Antongiulio Frulio, which scored 345.1329 points.

In the mixed free routine, there was another gold for Japan, as brother and sister Yotaro and Tomoka Sato swam to Levitation Magic, a choreography which earned them 273.5708 points.

Spain’s Fernando Diaz del Rio Soto and partner Mirela Hernandez Luna performed Angels and Demons, with a score of 267.8917 points for the silver medal.

Colombia’s Jennifer Cerquera Hatiusca and Gustavo Sanchez, chose a topical routine to coincide with events elsewhere this weekend. 

It was called The King and Queen and earned them bronze with 255.1416 points. 

In the women’s duet, a very high degree of difficulty gave Ukrainian twins Maryna and Vladyslava Aleksiiva gold with a score of 370.2791 points with a routine entitled Scramble to Position,

Japan’s  Moe Higa and Mashiro Yasunaga took silver with their routine “Black Panther” by Koji Sakurai for a score of 334.0125.

Bronze went to Kate Shortman and Isabelle Thorpe of Britain with “Rising Phoenix,” which scored 324.3958 .

The theme of  twin success was maintained by China’s Liuyi Wang an her sister Qianyi, who won world Championship gold in 2022  and scored 285.4041 to win the women’s technical duet.

Japan’s Moe Higa, and Mashiro Yasunaga took silver with 276.7250.

Austria’s Anna Maria and Eirini, two of the three Alexandri family triplets competing at this event, claimed bronze with a score of 273.3458.

The acrobatic event is new to the programme for 2023.

It requires teams to perform seven acrobatics moves covering different groups including airborne, balance, combined and platform. 

The inaugural competition was won by Ukraine with 260.2750 points for a performance which captured the imagination of the crowd.

Silver went to the United States for an Amazons-themed routine with a score of 252.0000 points.

China’s routine had a high degree of difficulty and earned them bronze after scoring 247.0583 points

In the men’s solo, gold went to Diaz del Rio Soto.

He swam to the song Unholy by Sam Smith and Kim Petras and a score of 214.4959 points.

Kazakhstan’s Eduard Kim earned the highest difficulty score, 24.1500 points, which made sure of silver with 208.0083.

Bronze went to Gustavo Sanchez of Colombia with 200.8833 points.

China’s Yiyao Zhang and Haoyu Shi performed Unstoppable and so they proved as taking gold in the technical duet with 246.3042 points,

The Sato brother and sister combination took silver for Japan with 244.5167 points and Cerquera Hatiusca and Gustavo Sanchez with a sound execution of  The Mystery of the Ocean routine to claim the last spot on the podium with 212. 2958 points.

The third and final World Cup  leg is due to start the Egyptian resort of Somabay on Saturday (May 13).

The World Aquatics Super Final is scheduled for Oviedo in Spain from June 2 to June 4.