Paris could host the next Olympic Esports Week in 2024 ©Getty Images

Paris has priority to host the second Olympic Esports Week next year in parallel with the 2024 Olympic Games while organisers claim multiple cities are interested in staging the event.

The International Olympic Committee's (IOC) head of virtual sport Vincent Pereira claimed the inaugural edition in Singapore last month was a success and is looking to the French capital to take on the responsibility. 

He admitted that the number of online viewers was poor but states it was not the goal, and that 20,000 visitors over four days at the Suntec Convention Centre was a positive figure.

"Not everything is perfect, we know that, but the overall feeling is positive," Pereira said, as reported by L'Équipe.  

"Paris has priority until the end of July for 2024, but Singapore is hot to organise a second edition and Seoul, Abu Dhabi, New York or Shenzhen for example are interested cities.

The Paris 2024 Olympic Games are due to begin on July 26 so the esports event could take place alongside it to capitalise on its popularity.

Discussions are currently taking place between the IOC and the French Sports Ministry.

Although the Government have shown a willingness to host, there is uncertainty about the budget as it wants to have more popular games added to the line-up.

Vincent Pereira claims multiple cities around the world are interested in hosting the Olympic Esports Week ©IOC
Vincent Pereira claims multiple cities around the world are interested in hosting the Olympic Esports Week ©IOC

Fans criticised the Olympic Esports Week for featuring titles, such as Tic Tac Bow, that were not considered esports by gamers. 

Pereira acknowledged this and stated the Organising Committee did not do enough to describe that the event was intended to showcase virtual versions of traditional sports.

"We have been poor in communication," he said.

"We forgot to remember the constraint of having an international federation and we did not know how to explain well what this Olympic Esports Week was in its entirety.

"We simply shared a list of games.

"We hear the criticism, the frustration, that's why we pushed to have Fortnite for example.

"Now, to totally detach ourselves from the Olympic movement to take only the popular games, we cannot do it.

"And finally we are one of the only entities in the world that can bring together 13 publishers, not just any, at the same time on a common esports event, with the same competition for everyone."

Pereira has also not ruled out esports' integration into the Olympic Games, saying that "the question is still open" and "discussions on this matter must continue".