About 16,000 cardboard beds are set to be provided by Airweave for Paris 2024 ©Airweave

The head of Japanese mattress manufacturer Airweave has boasted about the robustness of the cardboard beds that are due to be used during next year’s Olympics and Paralympics in Paris.

About 16,000 beds are set to be provided by Airweave for athletes housed at the Olympic and Paralympic Villages in Saint-Denis and Châteauroux where shooting is due to be held as well as for journalists at the Media Village in Dugny.

It will be the second successive Games in which Airweave will supply beds having been the provider at Tokyo 2020.

The cardboard beds caused a stir on social media in 2021 with claims that Tokyo 2020 organisers were being "anti-sex".

During the Games, videos went viral on TikTok of Olympic athletes jumping on the beds to test their robustness.

Tokyo 2020 faced claims of being
Tokyo 2020 faced claims of being "anti-sex" because of the lightweight beds ©Getty Images

Motokuni Takaoka, founder and President of Airweave, also jumped on the beds to demonstrate their durability when presenting the mattresses for Paris 2024, insisting that they were "very strong".

"We have designed these carboard bed for three or four people jumping because after getting a medal people get very happy," said Takaoka in a video posted by Reuters.

The standard size of a bed is 90 centimetres wide and 200cm long but can be extended to 2.20m for taller athletes.

Paris 2024 President Tony Estanguet said he was pleased the beds which had been largely made from recycled material met the Organising Committee’s sustainability aspirations.

"We were impressed by Airweave’s technology," said Estanguet in a report by French newspaper L'Équipe.

"We know that we have a solid partner in terms of delivery."

The announcement of Airweave’s beds for Paris 2024 comes during the Chefs de Mission Seminar staged over the next few days in the French capital.