It is expected that the eco district in the Athletes' Village will adjoin the Brisbane river ©Queensland State Government

The site of the Athletes' Village at the 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Brisbane is set to include an eco district with abundant vegetation.

The development of the village in the Hamilton Northshore sector of the city was confirmed earlier this year when the Queensland Government earmarked the area as a "priority for development."

Plans are understood to incorporate a modern, largely vegetated eco-district both on the ground and on the facades and roofs of buildings.

The green areas are expected to form an important element of the site which covers some 304 hectares of land.

The dedicated eco-district is expected to include extensive riverside parkland and vegetation.

An artists impression of how the eco district in the Olympic Village could look ©Queensland State Government
An artists impression of how the eco district in the Olympic Village could look ©Queensland State Government

The Queensland Government has predicted that the area will become "Brisbane’s connected, sustainable and welcoming riverfront precinct." 

The recovery of the area is expected to cost around AUS12.6 billion (£6.20 billion/$7.9 billion/€7.18 billion). 

The Athletes Village is set to house around 10,500 athletes and officials during the Olympics and around 5,000 Para athletes during the Paralympic Games.

Although detailed plans have not yet been revealed for the eco-district, the buildings are expected to make use of recycled and low-carbon materials, with extensive use of plants with a view to refreshing the spaces and in a desire to integrate the landscape near the river.

It is anticipated that local timber will be widely used in building to help towards a climate positive Games. 

Last week, Queensland State Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk confirmed that 1,000 new homes are due to be built in the area close to the Village prior to the 2032 Olympics and Paralympics following a land audit.

The Brisbane 2032 Olympics are scheduled to open on July 23 2032.