Gangwon 2024's initiatives have been celebrated on International Youth Day ©IOC

The Gangwon 2024 Winter Youth Olympic Games organisers are aiming to leave a lasting legacy for young people in South Korea and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has praised their efforts.

The global organisation celebrated International Youth Day by highlighting the work done.

Gangwon 2024 aims to ensure that the Games are not just a sporting event but that they serve as a platform for youth empowerment.

"The engagement and mobilisation of local youth is a top priority," said IOC member and chair of the IOC Coordination Commission for Gangwon 2024 Hong Zhang.

"Young people hold the power to shape and transform our society in ways that are both significant and meaningful.

"By providing opportunities for them to engage in sport and Olympic values education, we can empower them to become role models in their communities.

"Gangwon 2024 is not just about competition, it's also about creating opportunities for local youth to reach their full potential and contribute to building a better future for all."

Gangwon 2024 had young people offer input for the Games' creative elements such as medal design ©IOC
Gangwon 2024 had young people offer input for the Games' creative elements such as medal design ©IOC

The Organising Committee launched its Youth Supporters initiative which saw 30 young people selected to work with the body to promote the Games.

The creative elements of Gangwon 2024, including the medals, official mascot, song and choreography, have all been developed through extensive collaboration with young people.

"Our aim is to celebrate not just young athletes, but also the vision, dedication and innovation of all young people," said co-President of Gangwon 2024 Jin Jong-oh, who is also a four-time shooting Olympic champion.

"By placing them at the heart of our planning and promotion, we aim to ensure these Games resonate with the aspirations of young people and become a beacon for youth empowerment globally.

"We are immensely proud to pave the way for the next generation to shine." 

Jin is sharing the Presidency responsibilities with two-time Olympic gold medal-winning speed skater Lee Sang-hwa.