Luis Rubiales is set to be subject to disciplinary proceedings from FIFA ©Getty Images

The FIFA Disciplinary Committee has informed Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) President Luis Rubiales that it is opening proceedings against him for his conduct at the FIFA Women's World Cup Final on Sunday (August 20).

Rubiales kissed Jennifer Hermoso on the lips during the trophy presentation at Stadium Australia following Spain's 1-0 victory against England.

The CF Pachuca striker later stated that she "did not enjoy it" while a video later emerged of Rubiales telling the team that he would "marry" Hermoso in Ibiza.

"The FIFA Disciplinary Committee informed Luis Rubiales, President of the Spanish Football Association, today that it is opening disciplinary proceedings against him based on the events that occurred during the final of the FIFA Women’s World Cup™ on 20 August 2023," a FIFA statement said.

"The events may constitute violations of article 13 paragraphs 1 and 2 of the FIFA Disciplinary Code.

"The FIFA Disciplinary Committee will only provide further information on these disciplinary proceedings once it has issued a final decision on the matter.

"FIFA reiterates its unwavering commitment to respecting the integrity of all individuals and strongly condemns any behaviour to the contrary."

The FIFA Disciplinary Code states that any official must "comply with the principles of fair play, loyalty, and integrity".

Luis Rubiales' forced kiss on Jennifer Hermoso has caused outrage in Spain and abroad, with many calling for him to be disciplined ©RTVE
Luis Rubiales' forced kiss on Jennifer Hermoso has caused outrage in Spain and abroad, with many calling for him to be disciplined ©RTVE

It goes on to say that anyone who violates basic rules of decent conduct and behaving in a way that brings the sport or FIFA into disrepute could subject that person to disciplinary measures.

The incidents sparked widespread outrage, with a host of notable figures - including Spain's Acting Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez and Sports Minister Miquel Iceta - condemning Rubiales' actions.

It comes after Hermoso herself commented on the incident, stating that her players' union FUTPRO and agency TMJ are "taking charge of defending her interests".

FUTPRO has subsequently demanded that Rubiales' actions do not go unpunished and have called on the RFEF to take action. 

The governing body's official protocol classifies forced kisses as unacceptable conduct with immediate consequences.

Rubiales issued an apology the day after the final but it has not cooled down calls for him to be disciplined.

Following the incident, Luis Rubiales apologised
Following the incident, Luis Rubiales apologised "if there are people who have felt damaged by this" ©Getty Images

"Here [in the stadium] it was something natural, normal - so we did not understand the commotion," Rubiales said. 

"There was no bad faith.  

"Elsewhere, it seems that an uproar has occurred, of course, if there are people who have felt damaged by this I have to apologise.

"There is no other choice other than learning from this and understanding that when you are President of an institution as important as the Spanish Federation you have to be more careful in procedure and these type of issues."

FUTPRO is set to meet with Spain's second deputy Prime Minister Yolanda Díaz to ensure that Rubiales is sanctioned.

Spanish Equality Minister Irene Montero has labelled the act as a form of sexual violence which should not be normalised.