The UIPM has stated it will support athletes to improve at the obstacle discipline ©UIPM

The International Modern Pentathlon Union (UIPM) has promised to provide further support for athletes following coaches' concerns surrounding the obstacle discipline at the Pentathlon Junior World Championships.

The event in Lithuania was the first edition where obstacle was included as the governing body is continuing to phase out equestrian in its place.

However, the discipline seems to have teething issues still as coaches asked the organisers to make the course easier for the junior event but the UIPM denied the request.

The organisation has recognised that it will be difficult early on and has committed to offer help in order to ensure high-level competition can take place.

"The UIPM 2023 Junior World Championships followed the successful U19 and U17 World Championships in integrating modern pentathlon's new obstacle discipline, with Junior athletes becoming the first to compete over a senior/elite distance course," a UIPM spokesperson told insidethegames.

"Confronted with this challenge, pentathletes demonstrated once again their remarkable adaptability, with only six of the 72 individual finalists (8.3 per cent) eliminated in obstacle.

Coaches had asked the UIPM before the Pentathlon Junior World Championships to make the obstacle course easier ©UIPM
Coaches had asked the UIPM before the Pentathlon Junior World Championships to make the obstacle course easier ©UIPM

"UIPM recognises that in this early stage of implementation, some athletes have had limited opportunities to train on the full variety of obstacles, causing some coaches understandable concern.

"We will continue to provide as much support as possible to facilitate a smooth transition from riding to obstacle for all under-age athletes in 2023 and 2024, and for senior athletes starting in 2025."

In the first round of the individual men's and women's competitions, 30 per cent of the whole competition was eliminated according to pressure group Pentathlon United which protests against equestrian's removal from the sport.

Obstacle racing made its debut in global youth competition in July's UIPM Under-17 World Championships in Alexandria in Egypt. 

Paris 2024 is due to be the last Olympic Games where equestrian is featured in modern pentathlon.

The sport has not had its place at Los Angeles 2028 confirmed and awaits it fate next month.

A decision on the Games' sporting programme is set to be made at the International Olympic Committee Session in Mumbai from October 15 to 17.