Russian sambists, competing as neutrals, won 11 of the 12 golds on the final day of the World Youth and Junior Sambo Championships ©FIAS

Russian sambists competing as neutrals won 11 of the 12 gold medals available on the final day of the World Youth and Junior Sambo Championships in Bishkek, with Uzbekistan’s Amirxon Ziyadinov denying them a clean sweep.

Ziyadinov overcame Russian neutral Ilia Saniuk to win the junior combat sambo 79 kilograms category.

Elsewhere at the Sports Complex Gazprom for Children Russian athletes competing under the International Sambo Federation banner swept the titles.

In the men’s youth events the 64kg title went to Erdni Badmaev who overcame Kazakhstan’s Nursultan Abdigul.

The 88kg title was a battle between two Russian athletes competing as neutrals as Kirill Bedretdinov defeated Uladzimir Batrakou.

In the women’s youth category the 47kg title went to Sofia Soluianova, who overcame Kyrgyzstan’s Kanykei Bolotbekova.

Th 59kg category was won by Anastasiia Berezhkova, who defeated Moldova’s Daria Vlah.

A sweep of women’s youth golds for Russian neutrals was completed by Kira Safonova who won the 80kg category by beating Mokhinur Aralova of Uzbekistan.

In the men’s junior events, the 71kg title went to Vadim Dungerov, who defeated Georgia’s Nikoloz Gogoladdze, while in the 98kg Kirill Kniazkov overcame Azerbaijan’s Rasul Aydamirov.      

The two women’s junior titles also went to Russian neutrals, with the 54kg crown going to Anastasiia Trofimova, after she beat Tanya Radulova of Bulgaria, while the 72kg category went to Insanat Zairbekova, who defeated Gulina Oblokulova of Uzbekistan.

Despite Ziyadinov winning the 79kg title, the two other junior combat sambo golds went to Russian neutrals.

Turpal Khabibulaev won at 58kg at the expense of Islanbek Omurzhan Uulu of Kyrgyzstan, while the men’s +98kg category was won by Savelii Soldatenkov, who overcame Morocco’s Eddine Seif Ahani.

Russian neutrals won 28 gold medals throughout the three days of competition.