The EUSA General Assembly attracted 100 delegates to Kusadasi in Turkey ©EUSA

The General Assembly of the European University Sports Association (EUSA) has announced the extension of its suspension of the national university sports associations and universities of Russia and Belarus, "because of the war and aggression against Ukraine."

The temporary suspension was originally imposed in March 2022, but reconfirmed at EUSA’s General Assembly, held at Kusadasi in Turkey.

EUSA’s Executive Board also specifically highlighted the conflicts in Nagorno-Karabakh and Israel. 

"The organisation’s mission is to promote life and wellbeing through the values of sports and peace," an EUSA statement said.

"EUSA reject all forms of violence and would like to express our unwavering solidarity with the victims of conflicts in countries that are members of our organisation. 

"We stand with all the victims and call for an immediate cessation of violence."

EUSA also imposed a suspension on the Maltese University Sports Association due to "inactivity."

Some 100 delegates attended the sessions where they were joined by International University Sports Federation (FISU) President Leonz Eder.

Acting FISU President Leonz Eder gave a welcoming address at the EUSA General Assembly ©EUSA
Acting FISU President Leonz Eder gave a welcoming address at the EUSA General Assembly ©EUSA

Many participated in a strategic dialogue session conducted in conjunction with FISU.

This was designed to "connect, motivate and enable university sport stakeholders in Europe to gain better insights of their needs and realities, and how to effectively work together towards development of university sport."

Delegates also heard a progress report on the 2024 European Universities Games, due to be held in the Hungarian cities of Debrecen-Miskolc from July 12 to 24 in 2024. 

Organisers expect more than 4,500 athletes to participate across 20 different sports.

There was a final report on preparations for the inaugural EUSA Winter Sports Championships, scheduled for the Italian resort of Val di Zoldo, from December 18 to 21.

Bidding for EUSA events to be held in 2027 is set to open next month.

The General Assembly confirmed granting the status of EUSA associated member to 82 universities from 17 countries.

The next EUSA General Assembly is scheduled to be held in Zagreb in 2025.