The IOC membership has increased from 99 to 107 at the Session in Mumbai ©Getty Images

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) membership increased to 107 here, after the election of eight officials including Malaysian actress Michelle Yeoh, International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) President Petra Sörling and International Skating Union (ISU) President Kim Jae-youl.

Olympic Committee of Israel President Yael Arad, Hungary's Balázs Fürjes, Peru's Cecilia Tait, German sports and events manager Michael Mronz and Tunisian Olympic Committee President Mehrez Boussayene were also elected at the IOC Session in Mumbai.

The eight officials had been proposed for membership by the IOC Executive Board at last month's meeting, and the elections pushed back from yesterday at the Session for scheduling reasons.

The IOC membership, which had stood at 99 prior to the Session, is set to drop to 106 at the end of the year when the eight-year term of Senegal's Mamadou Diagna Ndiaye concludes.

Election of each of the eight proposed officials was a formality, but Seoul 1988 volleyball silver medallist Tait proved most popular among members with 76 votes for and none against with one abstention.

Kim was elected as ISU President in the four-way 2022 election to succeed The Netherlands' Jan Dijkema, and had just one vote against him with 72 in favour and two abstentions.

"I am honoured, excited and privileged, and also feel the responsibility of doing my job as ISU President, to contribute not only to the skating sports but sports in general," the South Korean official said.

"I believe in the power of sports and the Olympic movement."

The other International Federation representative, Sörling of Sweden, was elected as ITTF President in November 2021, and secured IOC membership with 70 members in favour, four against and two abstentions.

"I am deeply humbled and grateful to have been elected as a member of the International Olympic Committee," Sörling said.

"This is not just an honour but also a significant responsibility that I am ready to embrace. 

"This is even more momentous as this is the first time for the International Table Tennis Federation to see its President become an IOC member, making this a historic chapter for our sport as well.

"As I step into this new role, I am driven by my passion for sport."

Eight new members were elected to the IOC at the Session in Mumbai ©Getty Images
Eight new members were elected to the IOC at the Session in Mumbai ©Getty Images

Arad's participation had been uncertain due to the escalating war between Israel and Hamas, but was confirmed by IOC President Thomas Bach on Friday (October 13).

The former judoka was Israel's first-ever Olympic medallist at Barcelona 1992, and elected as Olympic Committee of Israel President in 2021.

Arad is the first Israeli member of the IOC since the death of Alex Gilady last year.

"I mix two expertise, one is business and management and one is my soul and the history and the Olympic movement," she said.

"For me the Olympic movement is doing everything needed to the athletes.

"I think I can serve and help in this mission.

"I'm also a person of innovation and for me innovation in all fields, in fields of management, fields of entrepreneurship, fields of bringing the athletes also the day after their career and promoting the coaches."

Her membership was approved by 71 votes to five, with one abstention.

The other National Olympic Committee representative elected, Mehrez Boussayene from Tunisia, had 69 yes votes and six no votes, with two abstentions.

Fürjes, already a member of the IOC Coordination Commission for Brisbane 2032, has been a key figure behind the staging of several major events in Budapest and led the Hungarian city's bid for the 2024 Olympics and Paralympics.

He received 69 votes in favour and seven against, with no abstentions.

President Petra Sörling became the first representative of the International Table Tennis Federation in the IOC membership ©ITTF
President Petra Sörling became the first representative of the International Table Tennis Federation in the IOC membership ©ITTF

Yeoh and Germany's Michael Mronz both had the most votes against them with nine each, but both comfortably became members with 67 and 64 respectively.

Malaysian film star Yeoh starred in James Bond's Tomorrow Never Dies and films including Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and Kung Fu Panda 2.

She became the first Asian woman to win Best Actress at the Oscars for her performance in the superhero comedy Everything Everywhere All at Once earlier this year.

Yeoh married former International Automobile Federation President Jean Todt of France in July.

In July, Yeoh married Frenchman Jean Todt, President of the International Automobile Federation from 2009 to 2021.

Yeoh revealed she had first met Bach in Malaysia "a few years" ago, and she was "very grateful" for the opportunity.

"Sports was very much part of my life growing up, I was very much involved with squash, athletics, swimming and diving," Yeoh said.

"When you watch the Olympics, that is the epitome of the best of the best and having the pride to represent your family.

"It has always been there and growing, but how do I find a way to join this family?

"They are very tight-knit and also they have to be very sure that you share their passion, you share their commitment and ideology."

Former James Bond star Michelle Yeoh, right, has been elected as an IOC member ©Getty Images
Former James Bond star Michelle Yeoh, right, has been elected as an IOC member ©Getty Images

Mronz is the third IOC member from Germany, joining Bach and Athletes' Commission member Britta Heidemann.

"It is a great honour for me to have been elected as an IOC member and thereby have the opportunity to represent the international perspective in the DOSB [German Olympic Sports Federation] Presidium in the future," he said.

"I am very much looking forward to the trusting collaboration with Thomas Weikert and the Presidium.

"I am also looking forward to the responsibility ahead and, together with Britta Heidemann, to giving international sport greater visibility."

Senegalese National Olympic and Sports Committee President Ndiaye had served as an IOC member since 2015.

He is set to remain a member of the Coordination Commission for the Paris 2024 Olympics.