Chile and Argentina set to face off in Field Hockey Final ©Getty Images

The home team clinched a historic victory in a penalty shootout against Canada in a closely contested match, with the South Americans leveling the game in the final period and ultimately securing victory in the penalty shootout.

Chile endured a tough battle and secured a historic victory against Canada in the penalty shootout, earning them a spot in the grand final of the Pan American Games against Argentina. The home team was buoyed throughout by an enthusiastic crowd at the National Stadium Park and managed to turn around a deficit, equalize in the final minutes, and triumph in the penalty shootout. Chile won 3-2, and now they only have to face Argentina to create an upset.

Having already secured silver in 2019, Chile is now considered one of the favorites for the title, demonstrating a very strong squad that experts have faith in. The South American team has always been in contention for medals and frequently graces the podium, but the gold has eluded them. Chile initially fell behind against Canada, but Franco Becerra managed to level the score from a corner in the final period, just as the crowd in the stadium was starting to fear the worst, anticipating elimination.

A well-executed play and accurate penalties allowed Chile to overcome a Canadian team that also had a chance to contend for a medal. The grand final is scheduled for tomorrow, Friday, where Argentina is favored to win, being the true dominant force in these Games with ten titles and undoubtedly a team with very few flaws.

The battle for bronze will be fought between the United States and Canada, the two North American teams that have challenged the dominance of the southern teams and will have to settle for the more modest prize.