FIBA 3x3 World Tour set for dramatic Jeddah showdown. FIBA

After an action-packed 17-stop World Tour season, 12 of the best teams in the world's most popular urban team sport will compete for the coveted FIBA 3x3 World Tour Jeddah Final title at the Al Asdaf Plaza on 9-10 December.

Having successfully hosted FIBA 3x3 World Tour events in 2020 and 2021, Saudi Arabia has established itself as a prominent fixture on the 3x3 circuit, providing players with familiar surroundings and an excellent stage to deliver season-defining performances. 

"After an exciting season of 17 World Tour stops, the anticipation is building as the world's elite players and teams prepare for fierce competition on the half-court at Jeddah's Al Asdaf Plaza," said FIBA 3x3 Managing Director Alex Sanchez. 

"Thanks to the growing interest and passion for 3x3 in the Kingdom, fans can also look forward to immersing themselves in the vibrant atmosphere of our largest-ever fan zone." He is right, as Arabia continues to grow in prominence in the world of sport, most notably with the 2026 FIFA World Cup. 

"The stage is set. Our world-class facilities and passionate fans are ready to provide the perfect platform for the 14 teams who have earned their place in the World Tour Final. Our warm hospitality and family-friendly atmosphere will ensure that we end the season in spectacular style," said Dr. Ghassan Tashkandi.

After its debut as an Olympic sport two years ago in Tokyo, 3x3 basketball has grown in popularity and importance and will have its second Olympic experience next year in Paris. 

Serbians Ub Huishan are the favourites after dominating the World Tour with 1.093 points after winning the first six stages, followed far away by Amsterdam HiPRO (640), Antwerp TOPdesk (553), Vienna (545) and Liman Hiushan NE (504). Ub Hiushan are also the current champions of the FIBA 3x3 World Tour.

After failing to qualify for the men's event, the USA opened up the men's competition to Latvia, who won the gold medal after defeating Russia (The Russian Olympic Committee) 21-18 in the final. In the women's competition, the USA won the gold medal with an 18-15 victory over the Russians. 

Qualified teams:

• Ub Huishan NE (Serbia).
• Amsterdam HiPRO (Netherlands).
• Antwerp TOPdesk (Belgium).
• Vienna (Austria).
• Liman Huishan NE (Serbia).
• Miami (United States).
• Ulaanbaatar MMC Energy (Mongolia).
• Raudondvaris Hoptrans (Lithiania)
• Partizan (Serbia).
• Beijing (China).
• Lausanne Sport LS (Switzerland).

Play-in Participants:

• San Juan (Puerto Rico).
• Paris (France).
• Jeddah (Saudi Arabia, host).