Hoteliers and unions against Paris tourist tax hike ahead of 2024 Olympics. GETTY IMAGES

Paris hoteliers are siding with tourists against plans by the French capital's government to triple the daily tax for visitors in 2024, following an already announced metro price hike.

Currently, each tourist pays between €0.25 per night for the most basic accommodation and €5 per night for luxury establishments. Hoteliers have already protested against the regulation, which could come into force before Christmas, taking advantage of the festive season when Paris is always a tourist attraction. 

The groups in question were at the forefront of the protests. "This is a another blow to the competitiveness of our sector and to the image of France at a time when all attention is focused on the Paris 2024 Olympics," the UMIH hotel and restaurant union and the GNC hotel chain said in a statement.

All this comes at a time when the expansion of public transport in the capital has also sparked huge protests from local residents. The government itself announced that the increase in tourist tax could be used to finance the expansion of public transport.

In statements reported by AFP, the unions claimed that "this would amount to €423 million per year, much more than the €200 million", leading to a dispute over the figures and the amount to be collected. 

Government officials fear that hotels may raise prices to coincide with the Olympics, but if the increase is confirmed, it is clear that tourists could be hit twice. 

Rising metro fares, possibly higher tourist taxes and almost certainly higher hotel prices could be the scenario during the Olympic dates and in the months leading up to the competitions. 

Article 49.3 of the French Constitution could be used to approve the government's initiative. It could even come into force this Christmas.