Athletics tickets for Paris 2024 the most expensive ever. GETTY IMAGES

Both the minimum price of 24 euros and the maximum price of 950 euros will be the highest ever recorded. They will surpass London 2012 and, of course, Tokyo 2020, whose projections were affected by the effects of the pandemic.

It will beat the previous record set by London 2012. This is the case for both the cheapest ticket, at 24 euros, and the most expensive ticket, at 950 euros. A recent study published by L'Équipe confirms what was suggested a few weeks ago. 

It is now backed up by data. The price of a ticket for London 2012 was 23 euros. The French authorities have recently pointed out that the current inflation has a negative impact on prices, not only for tickets, but also for various aspects related to the organisation of an event such as the Olympic Games.

Sebastian Coe, President of World Athletics, commented on this inevitability in statements to the British press. "We are asking for a balance. There will always be premium tickets, but it's important that our stadiums are filled with people who love our sport, not just those who can afford to attend the Olympic Games," he said. 

More than seven million tickets to be on sale for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. GETTY IMAGES
More than seven million tickets to be on sale for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. GETTY IMAGES

Coe's words underlined the importance of making athletics accessible to everyone, as this would result in a much wider reach to young people and future generations. 

Coe's comments were then echoed by the Paris 2024 Organising Committee (COJO), and in particular by its president, Tony Estanguet, who focused on ensuring that ticket prices for the French Games would be comparable to those for London 2012 and Tokyo 2021. Estanguet pointed out: "One factor that can distort the perception of prices is inflation.

In a public appearance before the media, including AFP, Coe said he was convinced that the Paris Games would be "the most expensive edition for both international federations and fans". Athletics attracts the biggest crowds, with a large number of events, some of which have a large number of qualifying rounds and early stages before the finals, where medals are up for grabs. As the flagship of the Olympic Games, it is also one of the most popular sports.

Since tickets went on sale in February 2023, there has been a debate about ticket prices for the Games' events. For a number of reasons, and given the current state of the global economy, the Paris 2024 Games could be the most expensive Olympic Games in many ways. 

World Athletics President Sebastian Coe's criticised  the high ticket prices. GETTY IMAGES
World Athletics President Sebastian Coe's criticised  the high ticket prices. GETTY IMAGES

Protests and criticism have been directed not only at ticket prices, but also at the high cost of hotels and increases in various taxes for tourists. Recently, the French Consumers' Association published data showing that hotel prices rose exponentially for dates coinciding with the Olympic Games. 

Sports authorities have called for a balance in ticket prices to ensure maximum attendance at stadiums. At the same time, they have urged the authorities in the French capital to step up controls and surveillance to prevent scalping. 

It's clear that efforts are being made to protect the interests of those who plan to watch the Games and those planning to travel to Paris to see the action. As Paris prepares for an influx of more than three million visitors during the Olympic Games, it is estimated that seven million tickets will be sold for the events.