Azerbaijan awarded the best of 2023. NOC AZERBAIJAN

The ceremony was held on 26 December in Buta Palas. It began with the national anthem of the Republic and highlighted the achievements of the athletes, including the nine Olympic licences obtained.

The Ministry of Youth and Sports of Azerbaijan honoured the best in sports with a ceremony in Buta Palas on 26 December. The event was attended by state and government officials, federation leaders, prominent athletes and media representatives. Leyla Aliyeva, Vice President of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation, and Arzu Aliyeva, Director of the Baku Media Centre, were also present. The nominees for the 19 awards were announced at the event, which began with the playing of the national anthem of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

2023 ended with successes and achievements that allowed the youth and the Minister of Sports, Farid Gayibov, who spoke at the ceremony, to look back and relive the moments of happiness that 2023 brought. The match between the Karabakh and MOIK teams in the eighth final of the Azerbaijan Cup, held in Jankendi, was highlighted by all as the most successful sporting event.

The gala took place at the Batus Palas, where 19 awards were presented. NOC AZERBAIJAN
The gala took place at the Batus Palas, where 19 awards were presented. NOC AZERBAIJAN

Farid Gayibov noted that Azerbaijan was the host of prestigious competitions this year and recalled the return of a number of athletes with successes in international tournaments and the winning of numerous medals. The acquisition of nine Olympic licences was an important event. The wish for success in the forthcoming Olympic Games in Paris in 2024 was on display.

Then came the awards, with the names of winners in 19 categories.
The best of the year in sport:

-Best Female Athlete of the Year:

  1. Zohra Agamirova (Rhythmic Gymnastics).
  2. Gohar Beydullayeva (Chess).
  3. Irina Zaretska (Karate).

-Best Male Athlete of the Year:

  1. Hidayat Heydarov (Judo).
  2. Mikhail Malkin (Artistic Gymnastics).
  3. Khasrat Dzhabrailov (Greco-Roman Wrestling).

-Best Female Team of the Year:

  1. National Rhythmic Gymnastics Team.
  2. Chess Team.
  3. Basketball Club Neftchi (3x3).

-Best Male Team of the Year:

  1. Karabakh Football Club.
  2. National Greco-Roman Wrestling Team.
  3. Trampoline Team.

-Best Referee of the Year:

  1. Nazim Umbayev (Judo).
  2. Sadi Guliyev (Wrestling).
  3. Asif Shiraliyev (Wrestling).

-Best Coach of the Year:

  1. Gurban Gurbanov (Football).
  2. Siyana Vasileva (Rhythmic Gymnastics).
  3. Rustam Alimli (Judo).

-Best Sports Medical Staff of the Year:

  1. Ramil Veliyev (Judo).
  2. Zaur Abdullayev (Boxing).
  3. National Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Scientific Practical Institute.
It was a festive night for Azerbaijan's sports world. NOC AZERBAIJAN
It was a festive night for Azerbaijan's sports world. NOC AZERBAIJAN

-Best Sports Federation of the Year:

  1. Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation.
  2. Azerbaijan Judo Federation.
  3. Azerbaijan Canoeing and Rowing Federation.

-Best Sports Club of the Year:

  1. Ocaq Sport Sports Club.
  2. Sabah Basketball Club.
  3. Karabakh Football Club.

-Best Olympic Sports Complex of the Year:

  1. Quba Olympic Sports Complex.
  2. Sheki Olympic Sports Complex.
  3. Sumgait Olympic Sports Complex.

-Best Sports Facility of the Year:

  1. Kur Olympic Training Center.
  2. National Gymnastics Arena.
  3. Baku Aquatics Sports Palace.

-Best Sports School of the Year:

  1. Shusha UGIM.
  2. Ulduz Football Academy.
  3. High Sports Mastery School for Aquatic Sports.

-Fair Play Award of the Year:

  1. Gurban Gurbanov.
  2. Azerbaijan Badminton Federation.
  3. Fariz Huseynov (Judo).

-Best Sports Event of the Year:

  1. World Shooting Championship.
  2. Presidential Regatta in Canoeing and Rowing-2023.
  3. Taekwondo World Championship.

-Sports Discovery of the Year:

  1. Ice Rink of the Heydar Aliyev Sports and Concert Complex.
  2. Khadija Gadirova (Judo).
  3. Nicat Abbasov (Chess).

-Most Active Sports Journalist of the Year:

  1. Zaki Feyzullayev (İ
  2. Gerai Kiyasov (Real TV).
  3. Kenan Hakimov (İTV).

-Best Sports Photographer of the Year:

  1. Dilaver Nəcəfov (AGIN).
  2. Rufat Abdullayev (İ
  3. Zaur Mustafayev (

-Best Sports Film of the Year:

  1. When the stadiums are silent.
  2. Girls deserve a net.
  3. Fighter.

-Best Sports Media Outlet of the Year:

  1. CBC Sport.
  2. İdman TV.
  3. İ