Matthias Remund, the current Director of the Federal Office of Sport (FOSPO), Switzerland's highest sports authority, will join the International University Sports Federation (FISU) at the beginning of 2025.

Matthias Redmund will join FISU on 1 January 2025. He will work alongside two deputy general secretaries, Paulo Ferreira and Fernando Parente, who are currently FISU's Director General and Director of Development respectively. Both will take up their new positions on 1 July 2024.

After more than 40 years at the International University Sports Federation, Eric Saintrond (64) has decided to step down from his position as Secretary General/CEO. He will be replaced by Matthias Remund (60), who is currently Director of the Swiss FOSPO. 

"Having participated in four FISU World University Games as a student-athlete, I have experienced what an organisation like FISU can do for one's sporting, intellectual and personal development. FISU promotes international and intercultural networking, with friendships and relationships that often last for a lifetime," said the current FOSPO Director, who competed in cross-country skiing. 

Matthias Remund, a law graduate from the University of Berne and father of six, is an experienced manager in many fields. These include federal administration, sports policy and administration at national and international level, strategic management of pension funds and business process reengineering. 

FISU President Leonz Eder welcomes Matthias Remund to the organisation. FISU
FISU President Leonz Eder welcomes Matthias Remund to the organisation. FISU

"I am convinced of the enormous potential of FISU and university sport. No one else can do what FISU does. It ensures the quality of university sport and strengthens cooperation with the IOC and other sports organisations. I am delighted to be able to contribute to its development with my experience, my energy, my contacts and my passion for sport," he added.

The President of the FISU, Leonz Eder, stated: "The growth of FISU requires a modern structure, which will be ensured by a Secretary General/CEO and two Deputy Secretary Generals. I am convinced that the new management trio with Remund, Paulo Ferreira as Deputy Secretary General/COO and Fernando Parente as Deputy Secretary General/CDO will master this task with flying colours." 

"FISU has changed radically since I was appointed Secretary General/CEO in 2007. We had only 15 staff members and today FISU has more than 50 staff members and consultants. Our structure was no longer adapted to our reality and so we decided to share responsibilities. After 40 years, I am handing over the reins to a solid team that will successfully lead the FISU," said Eric Saintrond. 

"Over the past decades, Secretary General/CEO Eric Saintrond has successfully led and significantly shaped FISU in a responsible manner and with enormous personal commitment. The entire FISU family and I personally are eternally grateful to him," concluded FISU President, Leonz Eder.