World Aquatics Mentorship Programme: National Federations can now apply. WORLD AQUATICS

The World Aquatics organisation is encouraging its National Member Federations to apply for the World Aquatics Mentorship Programme. The initiative aims to improve the governance, administration and leadership of the sport.

Now in its third year, the World Aquatics Mentorship Programme brings together 10 national members from five continents for a seven-month initiative. The aim is to improve governance, streamline administration and strengthen leadership within National Aquatics Federations. 

World Aquatics President Husain Al-Musallam, remarked: "We are working to support the growth of our National Federations, to inspire change and create opportunities for development. Initiatives such as the World Aquatics Mentorship Programme are an integral part of our shared mission to ensure that everyone can participate, compete in, and benefit from aquatic sports." 

Woody Lawrence, President of the Dominica Amateur Swimming Association, said, "The World Aquatics Mentorship Programme has advanced our goals in three key areas. Firstly, it has ensured that our governance standards are at the highest level and has provided us with guidelines, recommendations and best practices. 

"In addition, this project has brought us into even more regular contact with the international aquatics community including World Aquatics and Panam Aquatics. We have had robust two-way conversations about how we can maximise the positive impact of aquatics on our island nation," Lawrence concluded.

A picture from the World Aquatics meeting. WORLD AQUATICS
A picture from the World Aquatics meeting. WORLD AQUATICS

The World Aquatics Mentorship Programme aims to guide mentees in developing effective governance strategies and to foster collaboration between the National Federations and within the World Aquatics community. 

"The Mentorship Programme is a wonderful opportunity for National Federations to take a step back from their day-to-day activities and to reflect and plan their future development. In the previous edition participants enjoyed networking with other National Federations, sharing best practices and receiving support and inspiration from each other," said Alexandra Karacsonyi, who is helping to facilitate discussions and planning for the upcoming 2024 Mentorship Programme. 

Developing short, medium and long-term strategic plans and improving management skills are essential for National Federations to improve the promotion of aquatics, benefiting all levels from grassroots to elite athletes. World Aquatics is accepting applications from national members until 5 April.