European University Sports Association (EUSA) President Adam Roczek and EUSA Secretary General Matjaz Pecovnik also attended the first part of the meeting and wished them a successful and enjoyable two-year term and a productive meeting. 

Following its inaugural meeting that took place in February, the EUSA Student Commission met online for a full working session on Friday 5 April. The meeting was lead by EUSA Student Commission Chair Klea Taipllari, who is also a full member of the Executive Committee Commission, and the EUSA Projects and Policy Manager, Andrej Pisl, who acted as Secretary of the Commission. 

The main objective of the EUSA Student Commission (STC) is to protect the interests of students in EUSA and to make recommendations to the EUSA Executive Committee on the development, implementation and promotion of non-sport student participation activities. 

In the 2024-25 mandate, it consists of the Chairperson, the Commission Secretary and five appointed members: Atte Kolehmainen from Finland, Francisca Coko from Croatia, Jan Sobczak from Poland, Nicoleta Mirzac from Moldova and Reka Molnar from Hungary.


EUSA was able to lead a packed 2023 for winter sports. EUSA
EUSA was able to lead a packed 2023 for winter sports. EUSA

After initial greetings and introductions, the members reviewed the EUSA's activities over the past year, including the sports programme and educational activities and projects. Commission member Reka Molnar from Hungary gave a detailed introduction to the forthcoming edition of the European Universities Games, which will be held in Debrecen and Miskolc, Hungary, from 12 to 24 July

While the general registration to take part in the event is now closed, the participating universities have time until 12 April to submit their quantitative forms. It is still possible to join the project as a volunteer, with a deadline of 30 April. 

Other activities of the EUSA Student Commission were also discussed, including the EUSA What's Up Student Column, the FISU Volunteer Leaders Academy (FVLA), the European Universities Games 2024 (EUG2024), the FISU Forum 2024, networking and cooperation with key partners, as well as involvement and opportunities in EU-funded projects. 

The members will meet again online in one month, followed by a face-to-face meeting during the European Universities Games Debrecen-Miskolc 2024.