Padel Best Expo a success, next edition in April 2025. PADEL BEST EXPO

The first edition of the Padel Best Expo in Monte-Carlo held alongside the Rolex Master, ended with a gala dinner at Twiga, where the winners of the Givova Five Padel Cup were awarded. Italy was honoured for launching the event and is already thinking about the 2025 edition.

The three days at the Grimaldi Forum of the 2024 edition of the Padel Best Expo edition showcased Italian excellence in an international padel village. Professional athletes, football stars, VIPs, and enthusiasts from all over the world came together for a fun, inclusive, and solidarity-focused event.

Bsg, the Italian company behind the event, paid tribute to Italy in the inaugural edition of Padel Best Expo. The organisation has decided that each year the Expo will focus on a different nation, with the 2025 edition honouring France.

Roberta Ceccarelli, CEO of Bsg and Padel Best Expo, stressed: "The tribute of the 2024 edition to Italian excellence has allowed many padel realities to increase their visibility to an international audience and to make deals. Padel Best Expo was indeed a great show that was made successful by networking. The courts installed inside and outside the Grimaldi Forum are appreciated for their quality, versatility, and design."

Wheelchair athletes on Padel Best Expo. PADEL BEST EXPO
Wheelchair athletes on Padel Best Expo. PADEL BEST EXPO

"For us, the enthusiasm we felt during these three days was the clearest sign that we are on the right track. That is why we have already announced the 2025 edition," she concluded.

The Givova Five Padel Cup saw football stars, managers and young talents compete alongside wheelchair athletes and amateurs. Notable participants included Fabio Cannavaro, Dario Marcolin, Gigi Di Biagio, Marco Borriello, and Andriy Shevchenko, who also represented Football for Ukraine, a charity partner of Padel Best Expo.

Five tournament winners at Padel Best Expo were Jordan Klein and Manuel Vallorio for the VIP/Manager tournament, Andrea Pitarch and Paula Boixader for the Women's Amateur tournament, Marco Cambronero and Oscar Agea for the Wheelchair Padel tournament.

Stephan Vouifour and Olivier Desbois also for the Club tournament, and Luca Pavan and Jacopo Menegazzo for the Generation Z tournament. Additionally, Daniel Santigosa and Guillermo Collado also won in the CUPRA FIP RISE Monaco leg of the CUPRA FIP TOUR.