Comprehensive Asia Cricket Week begins. 'X' @ICCAsiaCricket

The ICC have announced comprehensive Asia Cricket Week will begin, running from 28 April to 5 May.

It includes workshops, outreach programmes and training for sports teachers. Iran will host a women's cricket tournament alongside Malaysia's Women's Super League. It's not just a sporting event, it's a global activity that encompasses and involves many countries.

The week is a celebration of the various forms of the sport in the region. The programme of activities ranges from a cricket coaching workshop in Kuala Lumpur, cricket clinics and workshops in Nepal, community outreach programmes in Singapore, to basic training courses for physical education teachers in Uzbekistan and the UAE hosting an inter-Emirati Under-19 men's event.

It's a comprehensive plan with significant involvement from many countries. It will be a manifestation of togetherness, with cricket in the spotlight. A tournament begins in Iran and Malaysia, the Women's Super League, which features five teams playing 14 matches.

The activity program for Asia Cricket Week is very comprehensive. GETTY IMAGES
The activity program for Asia Cricket Week is very comprehensive. GETTY IMAGES

For the first time, Kuwait will host Bahrain in the "Yalla Shabab" (Let's Go Guys!) series from 25-27 April, with the first match taking place this weekend at the Sulaibiya Cricket Ground. Aimed at building local support ahead of the 2030 and 2034 Asian Games in Doha and Riyadh respectively, the three-match, 100% home-grown Arab T20 series will be played in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong will host the men's and women's finals of the Premier League on 5 May. The ICC's Criiio training and education programme will be active in Bahrain, Mongolia, Qatar and Tajikistan. Junior cricket and schools events will take place in Cambodia, China, Maldives, Myanmar, Oman, Saudi Arabia and Thailand.

Many countries will host this event. 'x' @ICCAsiaCricket
Many countries will host this event. 'x' @ICCAsiaCricket

As you can see, a large number of countries are taking part in the week of cricket and sport in general. This special Cricket Week coincides with the United Nations International Day of Sport for Development and Peace, celebrated on 6 April. ICC Asia took the opportunity to invite its members to participate in the event.

Aminul Islam, ICC Asia Regional Manager, said: "The enthusiastic response has been truly overwhelming. We are delighted with the involvement of our members.

"The unique combination of wide reach, the ability to break down barriers and the capacity for low-cost, high-impact engagement makes Asia Cricket Week a powerful tool in the achievement of our development goals."