The Pass Jeux website will process applications to enter restricted areas in Paris during the Games. GETTY IMAGES

In preparation for the Paris Olympic Games this summer, French authorities have launched an online platform to process applications for access to restricted areas around the city during the Olympiad. These restrictions are part of the city’s security measures for the games and will apply to residents, visitors, and people entering the area for work.

Run by the Préfecture de Police, Pass Jeux (Games Pass) will provide eligible persons, including residents, a QR code in order to enter certain zones —including high-security, anti-terrorist controls, as well as vehicle-free areas— to ensure the safety of the public

Checks will be carried out by the police at all access points, verified with a proof of identity. Furthermore, those who wish to access the grey and black perimetres will be subject to a pat-down and baggage search, according to the Préfecture de Police.

Pass Jeux requires applicants to verify who they are, sharing basic contact details, a postal address, an email address and an identifying photo. Vehicles will also need to be registered and separate proof of vehicle registration is required.

The Organising Committee has also published a map showing the current zones that are available for pass applications, mainly focussed on the River Seine; the site of the Opening Ceremony on 26 July

According to the Pass Jeux website, the digital pass will be sent out once your application has been reviewed and accepted, though it cannot guarantee that a request will be approved in time and urges interested parties to apply early.