abraham_golfFebruary 21 - Anthony Abraham, a past President of Yorkshire and a Justice of the Peace, has been installed as President of the English Golf Union at its annual meeting held at Woodhall Spa.

He succeeds Elwyn Ellis at the helm of the EGU in what is sure to be a crucial year for the Union.

"I am conscious of the honour bestowed upon me, particularly in what is an important year in the EGU's history," he said.

"Major decisions are being taken over the next few months, including a possible merger with the EWGA (English Women's Golf Association) and whatever happens some are going to be disappointed."

However, Abraham is looking forward to watching some excellent golf, not least from the England players, but is only too aware that his duties will keep him away from his home in north Yorkshire.

"I know that a lot of events are in the south so home might become something of an unfamiliar place," he said.

"I will get to know my suitcase well but I will be supported by my wife Evelyn, who will attend most events."

At University he played golf for Cambridge Stymies and occasionally represented the Blues team.

He was a Category One golfer for many years, representing the Teesside Union on occasions, but never Yorkshire.

His association with the English Golf Union began in 1991 when he looked after course development in Yorkshire.

Appointed to the Junior Committee as regional delegate for Yorkshire in 1996, he held the post until 2001. Together with David Beardall and Dr Frank Harkins, he was instrumental in initiating the North of England Under 16 Championship.

He was the Yorkshire representative on the EGU Executive Committee 1999-2001 when he was appointed to a new role as chairman of the National Coaching Committee, a position he held until 2005.

Abraham has been a member of the EGU Tournament Panel since 2000 to date and refereed at international level on many occasions. From September 2003 to February 2009 he was Chairman of England Selectors. Following the establishment of the English Golf Union Limited he was elected to represent the interests of Yorkshire clubs.

Always keen to encourage young golfers to stay in education, when he retired as chairman of selectors he was appointed University Liaison Officer and is the England Golf representative on British Universities & College Sport.

Abraham is the third president to come from Yorkshire in the past two decades - the late Michael Field held the post in 1993 and Michael Doyle in 2001 - and is the third successive Presidential appointment from the North of England.