By Tom Degun at Sochi.Park in Kensington Gardens in London

Dow official_partner_of_Sochi_2014August 8 - Worldwide Olympic Partner Dow Chemical Company have said the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics and Paralympics will give them a real chance to show the solutions that they provide having only had two years to work on London 2012.

Dow only signed to become the official Chemistry Company of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in July 2010 but still managed to play an integral role at London 2012, not least by using their innovative elastomer technology to create the iconic Olympic Stadium wrap, which is arguably the most sustainable material in history.

But Amy Millslagle, Dow's vice president of Olympic marketing, said that having had a longer amount of time to work on Sochi 2014 has given them the chance to work further with the Organising Committee to create more solutions for the Games.

"The wrap for the London 2012 Stadium is something we are very proud of but it is perhaps forgotten that we managed to create it in just one year, which is one of the great technological stories of these Games," she said here.

"It is amazing that we have managed to accomplish so much at London 2012, with our solutions at many of the venues such as the hockey pitch.

"However, Sochi 2014 and beyond will see our solutions at almost all of the venues because we have had a chance to get into them at a much earlier stage.

"We are excited with the new opportunities for Dow related to Sochi 2014 and some of them are on show here at Sochi.Park [the Sochi 2014 showcase venue in Kensington Gardens that is open to the public during the London 2012 Olympics].

Sochi.Park ice_arenaIce skaters perform during the opening of Sochi.Park ice arena

"One example is the summer our ice rink in Hyde Park which features ice made possible by DOWCAL™ 20G heat transfer fluid and STYROFOAM™ insulation.

"Our technology will help keep the ice surface cold in the middle of summer with minimum energy consumption while ensuring a consistent and reliable skating surface while both the insulation and heat transfer fluid will be re-used after the Games.

"There are also recyclable carpet tiles at Sochi.Park which contain Dow's elastomer products to enable recycling into the same carpet product.

"You will see these solutions again at Sochi, along with many more solutions for 2014 that we will announce following the London 2012 Games."

Arthur Eritspokhov, executive director of Dow's Olympic Operations in Russia, added that he has been delighted with the organisation's role at London 2012 and echoed Millslage's comments as he said there is far more to come at Sochi 2014 and beyond.

"Dow has been proud to offer solutions in London that will enhance the Olympic experience for more than 400 Russian athletes and fans," he said.

"And with almost 40 years of business experience in Russia, we are excited to create the solutions that will power the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games.

"Our ice rink for the summer is one example where we have been forced to come up with solutions for our client to ensure the most efficient use of energy.

"As the official chemistry company of the Olympic Games, we are able to provide innovative solutions that meet the sustainability and infrastructure goals of all host countries and cities for the Games and beyond.

"As Dow has been showing since the Games of Lake Placid, back in 1980, our solutions can improve the Olympic experience for host cities, athletes and fans everywhere."

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