MARCH 23 - DELHI will host the men's Hockey World Cup in 2010, a major event before the 2012 Olympics, it was announced today.

The Indian Hockey Federation (IHF) made a bid to the world governing body FIH to host both the junior and men's World Cups in 2009 and 2010 respectively during the last edition of the World Cup at Monchengladbach.


It means that 2010 will be a busy year in New Delhi, as the city is also due to host the Commonwealth Games that year.


The IHF is working on the schedule in such a way that there would at least be a six month gap between the World Cup and the Commonwealth Games in which hockey is also a major discipline.


This means, the World Cup will be held between February and March.


India hosted the World Cup in 1982 at Mumbai.


Only the Netherlands and Kuala Lumpur have organised it twice.


The women's World Cup in 2010 will be held in Argentina.